"Blockbusters" Added to Online Music Sales

Hollywood composer and horn player John Dickson has a new horn ensemble piece for sale on the IHS Online Music Sales website, complete with his own studio recording.

Blockbusters grew out of a fanfare written some years ago for the composer to use as a horn demo.  Upon hearing it, horn legend Tom Bacon suggested that John expand upon the cinematic nature of the fanfare and create a multi movement work that evokes moods and images which are also movie-like in nature. Since the composer works in Hollywood, it seemed a perfect idea.

Thus the fanfare movement became the finale of this piece, "Fantastic Journey," and the rest of the work unfolded over the course of a couple days. (We work fast out here!) Each movement is designed to take an audience to a different place, whether a quiet reverie in On the Lake or a Dick Tracy-style street fight in Panic Attack.

Blockbusters was given a thrilling west-coast premiere performance by the IHS Advisory Council members to open IHS 47 in Los Angeles with the composer conducting.

AC Announces 2015 IHS Honors

The Advisory Council awarded 2015 IHS honors at its meeting in Los Angeles in August.

Service Medal of Honor: former IHS President Virginia Thompson, who died last year.

Punto Awards: legendary Hollywood studio musicians Alan Robinson and David Duke.

Honorary Members: former Metropolitan Opera principal horn Julie Landsman and former IHS Advisory Council member and natural horn expert Michel Garcin-Marrou from France.

Horn Excerpts Book Now in OMS

book imageThe Orchestral Horn Excerpts book is now available from the IHS Online Music Sales. This book is the companion to the popular hornexcerpts.org website, now hosted by the IHS at www.hornsociety.org/hornexcerpts-org. The 162-page volume contains 46 of the most frequently requested works on orchestral horn auditions. The excerpts were chosen based on lists in Douglas Hill's book Collected Thoughts on Teaching and Learning, Creativity, and Horn Performance and Arthur La Bar's Horn Player's Audition Handbook. The excerpts are reproduced from the original horn parts in order to preserve the visual and typographical accuracy. It includes as many important passages of each work as possible, and there is enough material before and after each passage so as not to exclude music that might be requested on an audition, and to give the reader some context.

Two New Additions to OMS

Two new publications have ben added to the IHS Online Music Sales.

RAM-O for horn quartet by Lewis Songer

The composer wrties: "RAM-O was written for Leland Bartholemew’s horn club in Asheville, North Carolina. They requested something that would be would be played outdoors and would appeal to a younger crowd, hence the persistent "dum...da-dum...da-dum" rhythm. That is as close to a rock bass drum beat that I dared to get! The range and difficulty level is based on my knowledge of the players. The harmonies were influenced by Domenico Scarlatti’s use of clusters in some of his keyboard sonatas.  However, when assigning a title my mind went to Jean-Phillipe Rameau, hence RAM-O. The commission fee was a bottle of Joseph Drouhin Pinot Noir."

J. Orlando Alves’s Inserções V

The fifth piece of the cycle called "Inserções" was composed in 2010 for horn and piano and was dedicated to the horn player Radegundis Tavares. The main feature of the cycle is the sudden insertion motivic elements, often without preparation or transition, with rapid changes of tempo and character. Another feature is the systematic use of the tritone and semitone intervals in melodic and harmonic construction. Other pieces of this cycle were composed for duos of the flute, clarinet, trombone and trumpet with piano. The piece “Inserções V” is based on the sudden alternation between slow and introspective character and the rapid scherzo tempo.

February Horn Call Online

The February, 2015 issue of The Horn Call is now available for download in PDF form, for members only. Log in and then go to Home—>Downloads to access it.

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