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2016 Survey Results Download (pdf, 879 KB)
Concorso di corno application in inglese Download (pdf, 33 KB)
Executive Director Job Description Download (pdf, 46 KB)
Horner Interview
Hughes handout Download (pdf, 105 KB)
Jazz Horn Top100 Recordings Download (pdf, 88 KB)
Jeff Snedeker's Jazz Resources Download (pdf, 157 KB)
Lin Foulk Handout Download (pdf, 383 KB)
Long Tunes Download (pdf, 143 KB)
Mantooth From the Beginning Download (pdf, 221 KB)
Notes from Abe Kniaz on playing the horn Download (pdf, 1.23 MB)
Practice Survey Results Download (doc, 254 KB)
Practice Survey Results (Excel file) Download (xls, 28 KB)
Reiband Dissertation Download (pdf, 690 KB)
The Horn Call advertising brochure Download (pdf, 448 KB)
Wagner - Siegfried Bühnenmusik Download (pdf, 1.89 MB)
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