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Deadlines for advertisements in The Horn Call are August 1 (October issue), December 1 (February issue), and March 1 (May issue). For complete information regarding mechanical requirements, billing, discounts, contract regulations, and circulation, contact:

Paul Austin, Advertising Agent
561 Madison Avenue SE
Grand Rapids MI 49503
Email: HornCallAd@gmail.com

Advertising reservation may be made

Rates, effective January 1, 2022

  Full Color (display ads)* Black & White
Full page back outside cover $1,212.75 N/A
Full page inside cover N/A $727.65
Full page $1,019.81 $469.67
Half-page $551.25 $266.81
Quarter-page $303.19 $138.92

Two Color: Black plus red: +15%

Bleeds: Full page or spread only: +15%

To submit an advertisement, email 1) a pdf version of the ad, and 2) a completed/signed IHS Ad Reservation form to Paul Austin by the published deadline.

New Mechanical Requirements (effective October 2021 issue)

Size Width (in.) Height (in.) Width (cm.) Height (cm.)
Full page w/ bleed 8.5" 11.125" 21.5895 28.2575
Full page 7.375" 9.625" 19.1825 24.4475
Half-page horizontal 7.375" 4.625" 19.1825 12.3325
Half-page vertical 3.5" 9.625" 8.8895 24.4475
Quarter-page 3.5" 4.625" 8.8895 12.3325

Trim Page size:
8.375" x 10.875" (21.2825 cm x 27.5825 cm)

Line Screens:
minimum 133 lpi; maximum 150 lpi

Classified Advertising

Free classified advertisements up to twenty-five words are available to members of the International Horn Society. Additional words will be charged at the rate of $0.25 per word. Classified advertisements are available to non-members at a rate of $0.25 per word. All classified advertisements must be prepaid.


In the event of errors in advertising, the liability of the International Horn Society shall be limited to the cost of the ad. In no event will the IHS or The Horn Call be held liable for lost revenues due to advertising errors.

Management reserves the right to reject any advertisement that does not conform to policy.

The IHS logo is a registered trademark. Its use is restricted to official IHS business.

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