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The Student Advisory Council is a way to give students a greater voice and sense of ownership in the IHS. This body of students will meet regularly and give feedback, help brainstorm diverse initiatives, and make the Society more directly responsive to the needs of developing horn players. Each term on the Student Advisory Council will last for two years. During that time, members will fulfill both an advisory role and a project-focused role. The 2024-2025 year will be focused on building and strengthening the Student Advisory Council (SAC). The following year will focus on developing a new student-oriented initiative.

The advisory role will include attending Advisory Council (AC) meetings to represent student perspective and attending separate SAC meetings for additional discussion. Members will also be expected to contribute to an ongoing project, which will be run by the SAC with support and mentorship from the AC and other IHS resources. Work on this project will take place both during and outside of SAC meetings.

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