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Hosting an International Horn Symposium: How it Works

The IHS Advisory Council makes decisions on where to hold its annual international workshop/symposium based on a bidding process. This means that in order to hold this event anywhere, we need an individual and a sponsoring venue or institution willing to host it. We do not select sites on our own and then try to find a local host (some societies do this). Quite the opposite, hosts apply for consideration by submitting a budget and plan for the event to the Advisory Council. This represents a significant commitment just to get the bid itself together. The IHS’s International Workshop Coordinator, Nancy Joy, is integral to the process from the start, not only working with potential hosts and institutions to put together realistic plans for hosting, but also soliciting bids from prospective hosts. Because of the current majority of members from the US, the general desire for choosing symposium sites has been to hold the annual symposium two years in the US and then one year outside the US. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, depending on the number and quality of bids we receive. It really comes down to needing a host and sponsoring venue willing to make the commitment to invite the IHS to visit. Admittedly, there is much a host and sponsor can gain in professional reputation, but they must decide it is worth the risk before they even begin.

Once the bid process is complete, the International Workshop Coordinator and members of the Advisory Council work closely with the host to develop an interesting program. Hosts get lots of assistance and encouragement, and the workshop guidelines are very detailed and helpful. Every symposium has its own flavor, influenced primarily by the interests of the host and the characteristics of the region. But it always starts with a person who wants to host this event, to have us all come for a visit. If you have a hankering to have several hundred friends come for a week, and you have a place where we can meet, then please consider the possibility. It may seem like a lot of work, but the satisfaction of inviting great musicians over for some great music (and more) is a true treat. If you want more information, please send a message to Julia Burtscher at exec-director@hornsociety.org.

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