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Extras from the February 2016 issue of The Horn Call


Baroque Horn Performance Techniques: Discussion and Recording Comparison, pg. 62
by Joseph Falvey

1)  Johann Sebastian Bach. The Brandenburg Concertos, Apollo’s Fire, Eclectra Records ECCD 2047, 2000
2)  Johann Sebastian Bach. B Minor Mass. The King’s Consort. Hyperion CDD22051, 2005  
3)  Johann Sebastian Bach. Brandenburg Concertos. Academy of Ancient Music, Decca DEC 4141872, 1985  
4)  Johann Sebastian Bach, et al. Complete cantatas. Vol. 20. [S.l.]: Antoine Marchand, 2005  
5)  Johann Sebastian Bach. Brandenburg Concerto No.1. Philip Pickett, New London Consort. L’Oiseau Lyre 440 675-2, 1993  
6)  Johann Sebastian Bach. Hercules Cantata, BWV 213. Gustav Leonhardt, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. Philips 442 779-2. 1994  
7)  Georg Frideric Händel. Judas Maccabeus. The King's Consort. Hyperion CDA66641/2, 1992  
8)  Georg Frideric Händel. Joshua. The King's Consort. London: Hyperion CDA66461/2, 1991