Content includes lectures and recitals from IHS symposiums and historical recordings.

Becoming a Better Horn Player By Becoming a Better Musician part 1

Part 1 of the lecture given by Bernhard Scully at the 2008 Denver Symposium. This episode is "Introduction and The Importance of Singing"

Recital Preparation and Performance - intontion, accuracy and realistic practice

Part five of Bruce Atwell's lecture form Denver deals with intonation, accuracy and creating "recital-like" practice conditions.

Recital Preparation and Performance - leading up to the recital

Part four of Bruce Atwell's lecture at the 2008 Denver Symposium.

Recital Preparation and Performance - establishing a daily routine

Part three of Bruce Atwell's lecture from Denver.

Recital Preparation and Performance - Choosing Repertoire

Part two of Bruce Atwell's lecture. In this section, he talks about choosing repertoire.

Recital Preparation and Performance - Intro

Bruce Atwell's lecture form the 2008 Denver Symposium, describing his discussions with several prominent soloists, about recital preparation and performance. This introduction sets the stage.

Pedagogical Pearls, Session 4, Episode 5b

The final installment from Douglas Hill's "Pedagogical Pearls" series of panel discussions that were a part of the 2008 Denver Symposium. Audience questions are answered by panelists Jeffrey Agrell and Douglas Lundeen.

Pedagogical Pearls, Session 4, Episode 5a

Audience questions and answers from panelists Bruno Schneider and Douglas Lundeen.

Pearls, Session 4, Episode 4b

The second part of Bruno Schneiders explanation of European conservatories.

Pearls, Session 4, Episode 4a

From Session Four of Douglas Hill's "Pedagogical Pearls" series of lectures at the Denver Symposium. This is the first of two parts of a lecture by Bruno Schneider describing the workings of European conservatories.
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