Content includes lectures and recitals from IHS symposiums and historical recordings.

Panel Discussion, part 2

Solo playing developments

From the 1969 Symposium

There was a panel discussion, involving Philip Farkas, Barry Tuckwell, James Chambers, Anton Horner, Wendell Hoss, and Max Pottag. The panel (which appears to be moderated by James Chambers) took written questions, and questions from the floor. The excerpts are listed by the first question or theme in each section.

Part 1 – schools of playing 

Barrows- playing style and hand stopping

Part 5

Barrows - Jaenicke and recordings

Part 4

Barrow- Bore & Style

Part 3

Barrows - mouthpieces, his own playing and Geyer horns

 Part 2

John Barrows Masterclass Part 1

The First Annual French Horn Workshop was held at Florida State University in 1969. 

John Barrows gave what sounds like a masterclass, and at some point during the session took questions from the floor (for this as with all the items, we are more than happy for people who were there to tell us what happened!) Barrows style is quite discursive, but the sections fit into broad themes –

Part 1 – mouthpieces, Conn 8Ds, and Verne Reynolds
Part 2 – mouthpieces, his own playing, and Geyer horns
Part 3 – bore and playing styles
Part 4 – Jaenicke and famous recordings of the time
Part 5 – playing style, hand stopping

Play now

Horner - after Curtis

part 6

Horner - teaching at Curtis

part 5

Horner - the double horn

Part 4
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