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ib2.jpgIb Lanzky-Otto is known for his masterful technique, musicality, and exemplary tone, displayed during his long tenure with the Stockholm Philharmonic.

Ib was born in 1940 in Copenhagen, Denmark. His family lived in Iceland from 1946-1951 when his father, Wilhelm Lanzky-Otto (also an IHS Honorary Member), taught piano and horn at the Reykjavik Conservatory and was principal horn in the Iceland Symphony Orchestra. Ib began studying horn with his father at the age of 16, and continued his studies at the Stockholm Royal Academy from 1957, still studying with his father.

In 1958, Ib became a regular member of the Royal Opera Orchestra in Stockholm. In 1961, he became co-principal horn of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, where his father was principal. He auditioned behind a screen and without his father on the jury. When his father stepped down to fourth horn in 1967, Ib took over as principal horn. Ib considers these years together with his father to have been of invaluable experience to him in his development as a horn player. He retired from the orchestra in 2007.

Swedish composers Gunnar de Frummerie, Åke Hermansson, Yngve Skjöld, and Sixten Sylvan have written solos and concertos for Ib. Ib made a number of recordings, some with his father at the piano.

As a soloist, Ib has played in all of the Nordic countries, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Canada, and the US. While never maintaining a regular teaching position, he has nevertheless frequently taught at summer courses and masterclasses throughout Europe and America, including the Paris Conservatory and the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki.

Frøydis Ree Wekre, soloist and pedagogue in Oslo, studied with Ib’s father starting in 1961; she met Ib then and they were friends for the rest of his life, serving as competition jurists together and recording the Friedrich Kuhlau double concerto with the Odense Symphony Orchestra in 1990. She recalls Ib’s beautiful and virtuosic playing, his inventive composing, and his humorous practical jokes.

Ib often performed at IHS symposiums. He was a member of the Royal Music Academy of Sweden, and an honorary member of the Icelandic Horn Club, the Norwegian Horn Club, and the IHS (elected in 2005).