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Chris Rozé's Changing Light has been added to the IHS Online Music Sales. Changing Light was written at the request of Kristy Morrell, hornist for the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and a colleague at the USC Thornton School of Music. It was composed in the summer and fall of 2013 and premiered by Kristy and members of the Colburn School of Music faculty in November. The work was then revised in the winter of 2014. The title as well as the names of the three movements – Black as pitch, Dimmest shore, and Solar plume – are taken from James Merrill’s collection of poetry, The Changing Light at Sandover.

The movements are played without pause and through the narrative of the work there is a gradual shift in color and character from dark and bleak to bright and joyous. Similarly, it begins with the instruments’ lowest notes and ends in their uppermost registers. Themes and motives are shared between the movements, and the formal design, following no standard plan, hopefully leaves the impression of a slow process of illumination and realization.

The horn part has several ossia passages which make it easier in terms of register and/or breath control. There is also a 45-second soliloquy that can be played by either horn or flute. Thus, the horn part can vary considerably in terms of difficulty depending on which path the player takes through the piece. My intention is that if all the ossia passages are taken and the soliloquy is performed by the flute, the horn part can be played by a talented college undergraduate. On the other hand, the most challenging path will require a more advanced player.

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