Send review copies of Books, Sheet Music, DVDs and other print publications to:

Dr. Heidi Lucas
Music Department
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Cogswell Hall, Room 103
422 South Eleventh Street
Indiana, PA 15705-1071

Send review copies of Recordings and other audio publications to:

Lydia Van Dreel
University of Oregon School of Music and Dance
1225 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR  97403-1225

The Horn Call does not guarantee a review for every publication received; reviews will be published at the discretion of the editorial staff. Only complete copies of publications will be reviewed; photocopies or partial copies will not be reviewed or returned. Publishers are also encouraged (but not required) to send pricing, composer biographical information, and program notes, if available; for printed publications, representative recordings, live or computer-generated, on CD (preferred) or cassette tape are also appreciated. Generally, review copies and recordings will not be returned, though special arrangements may be made by contacting the appropriate Editor. Also, copies of the texts of individual reviews may be requested by writing the Editors at the addresses above or via email, but no reviews will be available in advance of journal publication.

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