Any Music for Olivier Messiaen's "Le Tombeau de Jean-Pierre Guézec?"

26 四 2019 22:35 #1785 by Dylan Dukat
Hi all! As I am new to the IHS, allow me to first introduce myself! My name is Dylan Dukat, I am an undergraduate at the Crane School of Music studying Music Education and Composition!

Onto the topic on hand, I adore Olivier Messiaen; the concepts of color that he uses have infatuated me and reeled me in. And while I do enjoy Appel Interstellaire, I enjoy breaking away from more well-known, standard repertoire as a performer. Pieces like Ewazen's Concerto, Krufft's Sonata in E, Plagge's "A Litany for the 21st Century," and a plethora of Horn compositions by Randall Faust all excite me just as much (or even more) than Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, or Schumann.

Breaking away from the known, mixed with one of my favorite composers, led me to the discovery of "Le Tombeau de Jean-Pierre Guézec." However, I haven't been able to find either sheet music or a recording of the piece. Does anyone have access to a recording or sheets?

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