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Writing a professional résumé

16 七 2009 01:39 #299 by Kendall Betts
Writing a professional résumé was created by Kendall Betts

I am going to be auditioning this August for an orchestra position. I am auditioning mostly to gain audition experience, but I need to submit a resume. My question has to do with how to write a resume considering I have very little experience playing in ensembles outside of my university's ensembles. What should I include? Is there any particular resume format that is generally preferred over any other? Is there anything else I should know about this?

Thank you,

Kendall Betts' answer:

Your resume is your resume.  Keep it to one page.  LIst your education and performances.  That's it.  You can't make one up, though I have seen resumes where people did! 
You can probably find examples of good resume form on-line. Try a Google search. In general:
  1. Name, contact info
  2. Education: schools attended, degrees earned, festivals/master classes, instructors
  3. Performance experiences to date.
You'll be editing your resume over time as you gain experience.  Keep it up to date and a one page maximum by cutting the least important experiences and replacing them with more important ones.
Good luck!
Kendall Betts

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