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looking for a horn

  • Dale Clevenger
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01 七 2008 06:23 #128 by Dale Clevenger
looking for a horn was created by Dale Clevenger

I'm a college student looking for a horn for my music minor. I want a Holton Farkas or Yamaha, but I'm not sure which make. What's the difference between the H179 and all those? Which are student models and which are real ones? I travel a lot to play for gigs and stuff so a detachable bell is good. Could you just distinguish a little for me? Thanks. Oh, and do you have any leads of where I could get this horn (a used one?)

Thank you so much,

Dale Clevenger answers:

Dear Elia, I prefer the Yamaha because I am familiar with this company. They have excellent quality control and a very good instrument.....most of which are student models. For a used one, look in e-bay or the musicians magizine. Somebody, somewhere will be happy to part with their horn for your money. I would say in the $1500 to $3500 range, depending on the age and condition of the instrument. If you travel, make sure the bell is detachable. Good luck.

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