Amendment #1: to Article IV – Officers

Section 1. The elected officers of the Society shall be the President, Vice-President, and the Secretary/Treasurer. Officers shall be elected in even-numbered years by the Advisory Council at the Annual Meeting, shall be chosen from among the elected membership of the Council, and shall be allowed to serve for no more than two consecutive terms. Vacancies shall be filled by vote of the Advisory Council for unexpired terms. The office of Secretary/Treasurer may be separated into two offices at the discretion of the Advisory Council, separation of duties to be decided at that time.

Section 2. Term of office for the elected officers shall be for two three years. The elected officers shall serve on the Advisory Council by reason of office.

RATIONALE FOR CHANGE: This change is proposed at the suggestion of past officers to allow for more time in office to fully understand the potential for the position, and to complete projects, etc. The effect of extending time in office past elected/appointed terms is minimal – at most, time in office could be extended two years, to a maximum of eight years on the AC. There would be an effect on the number of positions open each year, but that is already the case. If passed, this will go into effect with the next election of officers.

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