It has been a couple months and most of us are still basking in our memories of the fantastic experience that was IHSLA. The week was a truly incredible result of three years of superb planning and brilliant execution by hosts Annie Bosler, Andrew Bain, and their tireless team. A huge congratulations and a deep thank you to you. Way to explode Los Angeles and the Colburn School into a week long Horn Heaven experience we’ll never forget!

Thank you to the members of the IHS Advisory Council and especially to our behind-the-scenes indefatigable irrepressible irreplaceable Executive Director Heidi Vogel. The amount of time, effort, and details Heidi invests into our International Horn Society is immeasurable, and she does it all with that beautiful smile. Thank you Heidi.

Most importantly, thank you to everyone who was there – performers, teachers, students, and amateurs of all ages and levels, vendors, composers, arrangers, and our horn enthusiasts who just wanted to hear some beautiful music. To all of you, we say thank you for the great times, and for the inspiration to do it all again next year in Ithaca, New York, June 13-18, 2016!


We all come away from horn events more thrilled, motivated, and educated to steer things into our initiatives for the coming year. Your IHS has exciting things planned! Our website already has a new look. Dan Phillips and our website committee are busy discussing more of the redesign. We are making things more accessible while adding to the value we offer to current and new IHS members. We’re working to expand our membership, amplify our international voice and connections, create more online platforms for international associations, and develop the online Horn Call archive. Each of these is an important step in broadening our IHS and bringing expanded benefits to our global constituencies.

In Los Angeles we all Found our Horns with Jasper Rees. In 2016 let’s blow our horns more loudly, softly, lyrically, majestically, and beautifully than ever! Thanks to every one of you for your incredible work and dedication to our IHS. I’m excited about what is coming in 2016 and ready to work crazy hard to help all of us take the spirit of LA to Ithaca...and beyond! Bells up everyone!


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