froydis2.jpgThrough a long and distinguished career as one of the world's leading horn players, as a professor and celebrated cultural personality, Frøydis's work has been of tremendous value to the art of horn playing and its repertoire of contemporary music. Her distinctive tone and communicative abilities have captured audiences and composers all over the world, and numerous works have been written especially for her.

Frøydis Ree Wekre 於 1941 年出生於奧斯陸的一個音樂世家。 她學習鋼琴和小提琴(在挪威廣播少年管弦樂團演奏),然後在 17 歲開始學習號角,她對號角的聲音和在管弦樂隊中擁有自己的聲音的想法著迷。

她在瑞典、俄羅斯和美國繼續研究喇叭。 她的主要老師是 Wilhelm Lanzky-Otto 和 Vitali Bujanovsky。 Frøydis 最初在挪威歌劇院管弦樂團獲得一席之地,然後於 1961 年加入奧斯陸愛樂樂團,並於 1965 年成為聯合首席。1991 年,她從樂團退休,成為挪威音樂學院的號角和管樂室內樂教授,她已經在那裡擔任兼職職位。

她作為教師的角色對 Frøydis 來說很重要,她的數十名學生在世界各地的主要管弦樂隊中演出。 她曾在多個國家獲得教授職位。 由於她作為教師的貢獻,她於 1986 年獲得林德曼獎。 她與北歐同事一起成立了 NORDHORNPED 教學小組,其活動包括研究他們自己的視頻教學。 她與學院的同事一起與美國的音樂學院建立了聯繫。

Renowned as both teacher and performer, Frøydis has given masterclasses and workshops throughout Europe and North America. Her book 關於吹好號角 已被翻譯成多種語言,並為各種出版物撰稿,包括 The Horn Call. Her latest book is 叢集. Sometimes she demonstrates playing a scale with the main tuning slides pushed all the way in, then pulled all the way out; the scale is in tune at A=440 in both instances, showing that you can play in tune no matter the horn. She advocates practicing lip and mouthpiece buzzing while waiting for a bus, even if it might be considered a bit eccentric; "If people don't know you, it doesn't matter what they think of you, and if they do know you, well, then it's not a surprise."

她的 CD 展示了她的才華,其中包括許多獻給她或她委託的作品,特別是安德里亞·克利爾菲爾德和挪威作曲家如 Trygve Madsen 和 Wolfgang Plagge 的作品。

Frøydis 以冰島傳奇人物的名字命名; 戰亂之中,她的母親要給她取一個強者的名字。 她的名字現在在號角世界中立即被認出,她更喜歡用她的名字來稱呼。

1973 年,Frøydis 贊助了 Peter Damm 和 Vitaly Bujanovsky 的 IHS 會員資格,他們兩人都住在鐵幕後面,無法向美國繳納會費。 1976 年,這項努力正式成為 WestEast (WE) 項目(2000 年更名為友誼項目),以支持經濟或貨幣限制使常規會員無法成為會員的國家的會員。

Frøydis served on the IHS Advisory Council from 1974-1978 and 1993-2000 and as IHS President from 1998-2000, and she was elected an IHS Honorary Member in 1994 and given the Punto Award in 2022. She was co-host of the International Horn Symposium in Banff in 1998 and has participated in symposiums from the earliest days as performer, lecturer, and master, often humorous and always inspiring. She is famous for her whistling prowess, a highlight at otherwise business-like IHS General Meetings.

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