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Amendment #7: to Article XII - Horn Workshops/Symposia

Section 1. A horn workshop/symposium shall be held annually at a host institution. Invitations to sponsor a workshop/symposium shall be submitted in writing for approval by to the Advisory Council and shall include a detailed description of facilities available, a listing of costs to the general participants who might participate, and proposed dates.

Section 3. B. Featured Artists for the Symposium shall be approved by a Standing Committee. No financial negotiations or contracts for the purpose of defraying expenses of specific workshop Featured Artists shall be made before Committee approval of Featured Artist Roster. Financial support for artists, ensembles, and venues may be secured from outside sources as allowed by the contract between the International Horn Society and the host institution. Symposium Guidelines in place at the time the symposium is selected.

RATIONALE FOR CHANGE: These changes are editorial, to reflect current practices more accurately. The Annual Workshop/Symposium Requirements (formerly Symposium Guidelines) form the basis for any symposium contract.

Amendment #5: to Article X - Dues and Receipt of Gifts

Section 2. Dues are payable at any time of year; the Executive Director renews memberships upon receipt of dues oversees processing of memberships upon receipt of dues.

RATIONALE FOR CHANGE: Processing of memberships now is the responsibility of the Membership Coordinator, but the Executive Director is still ultimately responsible for ensuring the payments are processed. The use of “oversight” also leaves room for changes in processing procedures in the future, if desired.

Amendment #6: to Article XI - Publications

Section 1. The official print publication of the Society shall be The Horn Call: Journal of the International Horn Society.

Section 4. A Directory of all Directory information of Society members, with their complete addresses, shall be made available to members published annually. Complete lists of all members with their contact information shall be archived annually.

RATIONALE FOR CHANGE: These changes reflect current realities – The Horn Call is not the only publication we have, but is the official PRINT publication, and the IHS Directory is now available online and updated more frequently, but is still archived on an annual basis.

Amendment #4: to Article VIII - Meetings

Section 6. Necessary Advisory Council business may be conducted by mail or by telephone  any means which allows participation by the full council, when appropriate, in lieu of a formal meeting.

RATIONALE FOR CHANGE: We are no longer limited to mail and telephone as the means of communication.

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