Advisory Council Members

All current and former members of the IHS Advisory Council

Jeffrey Agrell, USA
Paul Anderson, USA
Robert Atkinson, USA
Georges Barboteu, France
John Barrows, USA
Nancy Becknell, USA
David Berry, USA
Kendall Betts, USA
Javier Bonet, Spain
Bonna, Marcus, Brazil
Lisa Bontrager, USA
Annie Bosler, USA
Daniel Bourgue, France
Elaine Braun, USA
Frank Brouk, USA
Gayle Chesebro, USA
Kaoru Chiba, Japan
Alan Civil, UK
Dale Clevenger, USA
Nancy Cochran, USA
William Dieterich, USA
John Q. Ericson, USA
Nancy Jordan Fako, USA
Philip Farkas, USA
Randall Faust, USA
Elizabeth Freimuth, USA
Ádám Friedrich, Hungary
Nobuaki Fukukawa, Japan
Michel Garcin-Marrou, France
Randy Gardner, USA
Alex Grieve, Australia
Michael Hatfield, USA
Marian Hesse, USA
Douglas Hill, USA
Peter Hoefs, Germany
Michael Hoeltzel, Germany
Shirley Hopkins-Civil, UK
Roland Horvath, Austria
Wendell Hoss, USA
Graham Hovey, USA
Marvin Howe, USA
Gregory Hustis, USA
Maria Infiesta, Spain
Paul Ingraham, USA
Yasuyo Ito, Japan
Leighton Jones, Wales
Mason Jones, USA
Nancy Joy, USA
Charles Kavalovski, USA
Kim Young-Yu, South Korea
Marilyn Bone Kloss, USA
Ab Koster, Germany
A. David Krehbiel, USA
W. Peter Kurau, USA
Aimé Lainesse, Canada
Peter Landgren, USA
Walter Lawson, USA
Albert Linder, Sweden
Frank Lloyd, UK
Peter Luff, Australia
Paul Mansur, USA
Robert Marsh, USA
Louis-Phillip Marsolais, Canada
Kristina Mascher-Turner, Luxembourg
Marvin McCoy, USA
Susan McCullough, USA
Harold Meek, USA
Paul Meng, China
Richard Merewether, UK
Edward Murphy, USA
Philip Myers, USA
Jeffrey Nelson, USA
Joseph Ognibene, Iceland
Soichiro Ohno, Japan
Francis Orval, Luxemburg
Robert Osmun, USA
Raimo Palmu, Finland
Robert Paxman, UK
Heather Pettit-Johnson, USA
Johnny Pherigo, USA
Pasi Pihlaja, Finland
Hans Pizka, Germany
Kenneth Pope, USA
Suzanne Riggio, USA
Meir Rimon, Israel
William C. Robinson, USA
Rebecca Root, USA
S. Earl Saxon, USA
William Scharnberg, USA
Bruno Schneider, Switzerland
Siegfried Schwarzl, Austria
Norman Schweikert, USA
Morris Secon, USA
Nozomu Segawa, Japan
Gerd Seifert, Germany
Richard Seraphinoff, USA
Justin Sharp, USA
Lowell Shaw, USA
Arkady Shilkloper, Russia
Calvin Smith, USA
Jeffrey Snedeker, USA
Michelle Stebleton, USA
Peter Steidle, Germany
Jonathan Stoneman, UK
Radegundis Tavares, Brazil
Esa Tapani, Finland
Amy Thakurdas, UK
Kristin Thelander, USA
David Thompson, Spain
Virginia Thompson, USA
Barry Tuckwell, Australia
Basil Tyler, USA
Lydia Van Dreel, USA
William VerMeulen, USA
John Wates, UK
Frøydis Ree Wekre, Norway
Joseph White, USA
Gail Williams, USA
Geoffrey Winter, Germany
James Winter, USA
Milan Yancich, USA
Yao Fu Ming, China
Jose Zarzo, Spain

Administrative Staff

Executive Director

Julia Burtscher
PO Box 5486
Toledo, OH 43613

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Phone: 419-279-5768

Membership Coordinator

Elaine Braun
305 Raywood Ct.
Nashville, TN 37211-6000

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 615-837-5836

Service Medal of Honor Recipients

medalThis honor, instituted in 2011, is for individuals who have made a major contribution in service to the International Horn Society. Any IHS member can submit a nomination; nominations are considered at the next Advisory Council meetings. The AC normally awards a maximum of one Medal of Honor in any year, and is not obliged to make an award at all.

IHS Service Medal of Honor Recipients

2011 Robert E. Marsh
2012 Nancy Jordan Fako
2013 Marilyn Bone Kloss
2014 Douglas Campbell

2015 Virginia Thompson
2016 Kristin Thelander
2017 William Scharnberg 
2018 Heidi Vogel

The Life of Jon Hawkins

by Neil Hawkins

Jon Erik Hawkins was born in Stockholm on July 14, 1965, when his parents were working and studying in Sweden. He arrived in the United States on his first birthday, and two years later began a nomadic childhood when his father reentered the US Air Force. After moving for the third time, he had his first piano lesson in Montana at age 6. He continued his piano lessons when his family moved to England.

At age 11, while living in Illinois, he was smitten with another passion − orchestral music. After listening to Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture for the first time, he said, "Someday I will play in a major orchestra!" He wanted to play any instrument. To Jon it didn't matter, but the school band needed French horns, so a horn it was. Jon immediately fell in love with the instrument which, from the beginning, to him was not a French horn but THE Horn.

In Illinois he studied with Larry Strieby of the St. Louis Symphony and played one year with the St. Louis Philharmonic before his family moved to Burke, Virginia in 1982. In Virginia Jon studied with Ted Thayer of the National Symphony and played with the Northern Virginia Youth Orchestra, American University Orchestra, and the Brass of Peace Ensemble. In 1983 he auditioned for and was accepted to fill an opening with the Air Force Band of the Golden Gate at Travis Air Force Base, California. There he played with the concert band and woodwind quintet and studied with A. David Krehbiel of the San Francisco Symphony.

In 1988, just prior to his reassignment to the Air Force Band in Japan, Jon attended the IHS Workshop in Potsdam, New York, where he purchased a Vienna pumpen horn, the horn he wanted to help him achieve his greatest desire, to play with the Vienna Philharmonic.

On April 5, 1991, Jon left the Air Force to pursue his dream to study and play in Vienna, Austria. On his way home the following day, his dream suddenly ended when he died in a traffic accident.

Jon was a life member of the IHS, just starting his career as a professional musician. To commemorate his life and help preserve his dreams and aspirations, Jon's parents, Neil and Runa Hawkins, decided to support projects related to horn playing as a continuing form of a memorial for their son.

The first step was initiated by Eric Strohecker, Jon's close friend and fellow musician. He developed a plan to commission a concerto for horn and orchestra that would be dedicated to Jon. Eric selected Dr. Werner Pelinka (born 1952) of Vienna, Austria to compose the concerto. Dr. Pelinka is experienced in writing for the Vienna Horn and has written several works for horn in consultation with Roland Horvath of the Vienna Philharmonic. Eric prepared a brochure regarding this concerto. A copy of the concerto is presented to the winner of the Jon Hawkins Memorial Award each year.

The second memorial is an award, funded by Jon’s parents, to a deserving student to attend the IHS symposium each year. The award includes funds for attending the symposium, a lesson at the symposium, an opportunity to perform at the symposium, and a one-year IHS membership.

For details on the Jon Hawkins Memorial Award, see ?

Area Representative Job Description (country)

(revised and approved by IHS Advisory Council, December, 2006)

IHS Area Representatives provide information and resources about the IHS, its activities, and other horn-related events to IHS members and other interested people in their country, state, or region. In some cases, Area Representatives are overseen by Regional Coordinators. In the case where there is no Regional Coordinator, Area Representatives report directly to the Advisory Council.  Area Representatives should be proactive in promoting musical education as it relates to the horn (according to the IHS By-laws). They should aid the IHS by generating enthusiasm and camaraderie among horn players in their countries, states, or regions, with the aim of recruiting new members and retaining existing members. Area Representatives must maintain their IHS membership and be proactive in informing Regional Coordinators or the IHS Executive Director of any address/email changes.


Maintain active communication among IHS members and other interested people in their areas. This can be accomplished in many ways, including publishing (or recruiting volunteers to publish) area newsletters. It is expected that a minimum of one newsletter or general communication be published per year, preferably at least two, by email or regular mail. Send copies of newsletters or other communications to the appropriate Regional Coordinator or the IHS Executive Director.

Submit an annual report to the Regional Coordinator or IHS Executive Director with a summary of activities and expenses, as outlined in this job description, over the past calendar year.  Recommendations to the Advisory Council for any relevant actions for improvement may also be included.  Deadlines regarding these reports will be communicated to Area Representatives by the IHS President, Executive Director, or the appropriate Regional Coordinator. These reports are typically due such that they can be included in the Advisory Council Agenda for meetings at the international horn symposium.

Communications from Regional Coordinators or IHS Executive Director

Once confirmed, Area Representatives should receive:

  • A copy of the IHS Executive Director's explanation of how to submit expense Reports and the expenses that you can expect to have reimbursed.
  • A list of the Area Representatives in the country (US and Canada) or region (Europe or Asia).
  • Information regarding relevant IHS concerns, actions, and events.
  • A copy of the latest IHS Membership Directory, available in PDF or printed format (by request).

Additional Recommended Activities for Area Representatives

Here are some suggestions for Area Representatives that can encourage participation from members:

  • Maintain (or recruit a volunteer to maintain) a website of current events in the area and other useful information, including links to the IHS and other sites of interest.
  • Host, help organize, or support local and regional workshops, horn choirs, holiday performances, and other horn-related events.
  • Involve volunteers and students.
  • Be proactive in recruiting membership in the IHS.
  • Encourage members and others to attend IHS events.
  • Encourage students to participate in the IHS scholarship programs.
  • Share news with The Horn Call News Editor.
  • Request updated membership lists from the Executive Director and follow up with those who have let their membership lapse. While maintaining individual member’s anonymity, provide a summary of any feedback received from lapsed members in the Area Representative’s annual report.

Review of Area Representatives

Regional Coordinators and/or the Advisory Council review Area Representatives' annual reports. If Area Representatives do not meet their responsibilities, the Coordinator or AC can offer suggestions. If problems continue, Area Representatives can be put on notice that they may be asked to step down. If, after being put on notice, the level of effort and activity does not improve, the Coordinator or AC can ask Area Representatives to resign.