There aren't serial numbers on Alexanders. If you need one for insurance purposes, do as I did and have one put on. I used my social security number. I don't know what you have over there, but there's got to be something similar. That has the additional benefit of being a number you can remember.
The serial number should be on the back plate of the second valve. There should be five numbers, Hope you find it.
Someone posted a question about the age of an Alex 103 based on the serial number. You should know that Alexander has not affixed serial numbers to their instruments until just a few years ago... The serial number that was posted in the ad may very well be the last four digits of the previous owners social security number. If this is so- you can either find out the age from the owner, or wait until you can go to Mainz and show it to Herr Alexander, because there will be no way to date it. Sorry, but I hope that helps.
Andy (devoted Alexander player)

Just to muddy the waters concerning Alex serial numbers discussed recently, I have an 1104 that was purchased new from the workshop in Mainz in mid 1988. Not long after having it fitted with a Lawson leadpipe, I noticed a serial number was engraved on the third valve housing. This number is 6026. If it didn't originate in the Alex factory, one wonders from where it came. Perhaps the trick will be to ask the Alex people directly.

If any of the hornlist recipients, in addition to Ethen Bearman, might be interested in acquiring this horn, I'll be happy to provide the particulars via the internet.

Gordon Wileen
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