The Joint Wind Quintet Project has been created by the IHS, the ICA (International Clarinet Association), the IDRS (International Double Reed Society) and the NFA (National Flute Association) to foster the creation of new works for the chamber combination which unites the four organizations: the wind quintet. After over a year of negotiations to bring the four organizations into agreement on the shape and form of this joint endeavour, the JWQP took the form of a competition to commission a new wind quintet. This competition was announced world-wide in the fall of 2010, recieving entries of over seventy contestants.

The four judges in representation of each of the societies have announced the winner: Lansing McLoskey of Miami Florida.

Mr. McLoskey will write a wind quintet which will be premiered in 2012 at each of the instrumental society's conventions. This new work will be between 12 and 16 minutes long.

The four premieres will be highlighted as important concerts at the four conventions.

The dates and places of the four premieres:

International Double Reed Society - Miami University in Oxford, Ohio Dates TBA

International Horn Society - University of North Texas in Denton, Texas / 15-19 of May

International Clarinet Association - Lincoln, Nebraska / 1-5 of August

National Flute Association - Las Vegas , Nevada / 9-12 of August

The judges for the competition were:

Mariam Adam - ICA
Peter Bacchus - NFA
Joseph Ognibene - IHS
John Steinmetz - IDRS

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