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by Kyle Hayes

is a new book for students by the Finnish quartet, The Golden Horns. They offer a fun approach to learning various aspects of horn playing using 16 pieces for one to four horns. The book also includes a CD to play along with- definitely a lot more fun that Kopprasch.
youplayOf the different playing concepts in this book, I really liked they approach to syncopation, double tonguing, and improvisation. Each piece in this book starts out by explaining a new concept, an exercise to practice, and then that concept is used throughout that piece.

One thing that is really nice about this book is the play along CD. The pieces are rock sounding so the CD features the rhythm section (and a crowd of cheering fans). The 2nd piece of the book (Crystal Rain) is a very pretty ballad and playing along with the rhythm section made it a lot of fun.

The level of technique needed to play the pieces in this book varies from piece to piece. While some of the pieces have very simple rhythms and melodies, others are a little more technical. A great book for students and teachers alike- the teacher can offer the student something fun to practice outside the world of classical music and the student will have fun playing music while still learning “classical” concepts to further their horn playing.

If you’re interested this book, please check out the book's website for more information.
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