Schilke 30B

06 juni 2013 06:54 #725 by Robert Arzola
Schilke 30B was created by Robert Arzola
Hello Fellow Horn Players!

For the past few days I have gone back to my old mouthpieces and found my Schilke 30B and thought I would try it again. It is smaller than my usual Breslmair mouthpiece but I enjoyed playing it more. I noticed though that getting a good loud forte is someone of a challenge and also there are control issues. I know that it would take time getting used to how it works but I was also wondering if there are mouthpieces by other makers that would compare to the 30B and in opinions would provide more power but the same free blowing feel it has. I know it is all opinion based and it is something I would really welcome. Thank you very much. :cheer:

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