Double Horn Quirks?

16 mrt 2017 07:44 #1634 by Bud Numone
Double Horn Quirks? was created by Bud Numone
I recently purchased a double horn and it has a quirk that I'm trying to understand. The 6th harmonic is very flat, about 20-30cents flat. This harmonic is usually supposed to be a little sharp, isn't it? To get this in tune with other notes, it requires a pretty drastic embouchure change.

Since this is only my second horn-and this doesn't happen on my other horn (single F)-I just want to confirm with more experienced horn players that this isn't a normal experience.

Also hoping to find out what might be a probable place to look for a solution. There are a few dents, nothing seemingly major, but is this the kind of thing that could cause this out of tune harmonic? How about a slightly loose main tuning slide? I'm also open to the notion that this is operator error.

Thanks for any help.

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17 mrt 2017 14:43 #1635 by Howard Hilliard
Replied by Howard Hilliard on topic Double Horn Quirks?
What make and model?

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