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Dear Hornplayers,

I'm glad to present You the "Flensburger Horntag" wich will take place in the Music School of Flensburg-Germany on march 26 th.

Pupils,Amators and teachers will rehearse and play a concert at the end of the day (Wagner "Pilgerchor",Händel "Sarabande",Coulais "Les Choristes", Bosc "L'Olifant Bleu" written for my Father with french horn-gong-speaker, Schumanns 2. mvt of the " Konzertstück",Frøydis Ree Werke "Fuge",Rossini " Le Rendez-Vous de Chasse" for 9 french horns arr. Francis Orval, Ravel " Boléro" arr. too by Bernard Le Pogam for 2 horn parts-piano and rhythm.

At 2 pm the french horn player Bernard Le Pogam will make his speach and horn playing "The Horn threw the Time" with his horn collection and his boards.

Every hornlovers are welcome!


Thibauld Le Pogam

Co-principal at the Schleswig-Holstein symphony Orchestra-Germany
Horn teacher at the Music School and University of Flensburg-Germany