Content includes lectures and recitals from IHS symposiums and historical recordings.

Pedagogical Pearls, Session 2, episode 1a

The second half of Lin Foulk's presentation for Douglas Hill's Pedagogical Pearls, Session 2.

Pedagogical Pearls, Session 2

The first part of the second "Pedagogical Pearls" session fom the Denver Symposium. Speakers are the host, Douglas Hill, and Lin Foulk. The handout referred to by Lin Foulk may be downloaded  pdf Here (383.44 kB) She discusses the book The Courage to Teach by Parker Palmer.

Co-Hosts of the Denver Symposium play Rosetti

Denver Symposium co-hosts Susan Mccullough and Jesse McCormick play the final movement of Rosetti's Concerto for Two Horns.

Pedagogical Pearls, Part 3

The third installment from Douglas Hill's series of "Pedagogical Pearls" panel discussions from the Denver Symposium.

Pedagogical Pearls, part 2

This is the second part of the first session of Douglas Hill's "Pedagogical Pearls" series of panel discussions from the 2008 Denver Symposium. The speaker in this installment is Richard Chenoweth

Pedagogical Pearls

At the 2008 Denver Symposium, Honorary Member Douglas Hill organized a series of four panel discussions, entitled "Pedagogical Pearls." The entire series is available on CD from Today's installment includes  Mr. Hill's introduction and excerpts from the presentation by Jennifer Montone.

Paul Basler's "Ascension"

From the Denver Symposium, a participant University Horn Choir conducted by Dr. Rebecca Boehm Shaffer.

According to the composer, "The Ascension was written for Charles Snead and the University of Alabama Horn Choir, with great respect and admiration for their wonderful musicianship and friendship. Composed in the spring of 1990, the work went through a complete revision in January 1997.

"The piece is a sort of personal manifesto on matters spiritual as well as physical. Gestures leap upwards, rhythmic patterns undulate underneath (and above) melodic fragments, activity rushes by at a rapid pace, only to be transformed into a new level of motion—slower and more thoughtful. The whole work can be seen as a journey towards 'enlightenment.'"

Jazz Horn Basics, part 4

Part four of Jeff Snedeker's jazz horn clinic from the Denver Symposium. The Frank Mantooth material used in this section can be downloaded pdf Here (221.47 kB)

IV. Improvisation

Jazz Horn Basics, part 3

Part three of Jeff Snedeker's jazz horn clinic from the Denver Symposium.
III. Swing

Jazz Horn Basics, part 2

Part two of Jeff Snedeker's jazz horn clinic from the Denver Symposium.

II. Style Basics

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