Content includes lectures and recitals from IHS symposiums and historical recordings.

Pedagogical pearls, session 4, episode 3b

Part two of Dr. Douglas Lundeen's presentation entitled "Toward a Bel Canto Approach to the Horn."

Pearls, session 4, episode 3a

Part one of Dr. Douglas Lundeen's lecture demonstration entitled "Toward a Bel Canto Approach to the Horn." As with all of the sessions from the Denver Symposium, complete recordings are available from

Pedagogical Pearls, session 4, episode 2

Jonathan Stoneman discusses practice routines and his online survey.

Pedagogical Pearls, Session 4, episode 1

Session four of the Pedagogical Pearls series from the Denver Symposium. The theme of this session was "Performance Needs; Specific Approaches."

The first presentation is by Jeffrey Agrell.

Evening Prayer from "Hansel and Gretel"

From the Denver Symposium, the University of Colorado Horn Choir, conducted by Michael Thronton, plays "Evening Prayer" from Hansel and Gretel by Englebert Humperdinck.

Pearls, Session 3, episode 2

William Scharnberg discusses "Dealing With Failure" in the third session of Douglas Hill's "Pedagogical Pearls" series at the Denver symposium.

Pedagogical Pearls, Session 3, episode 1

Session 3 of Douglas Hill's "Pedagogocial Pearls" series from the Denver Symposium in July, 2008. the theme of this session was  "Studio Concerns in Specific Situations."

This first episode from that session features Marian Hesse speaking about "Assessment on the Horn Studio."

Gabrieli - Canzon per Sonar Primi Toni

The "A Horn Ensemble" conducted by Lin Foulk performs Gabrieli's Canzon per Sonar Primi Toni, transcribed by Verne Reynolds, at the Denver symposium.

Pedagogical Pearls Session 2, episode 3

An excerpt from Catherine Roche-Wallace's lecture on Frames of Mind. The theory of multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner. The entire lecture is available on CD from as a part of Session 2 of Douglas Hill's "Pedagogical Pearls" series.

Pedagogical Pearls, Session 2, Episode 2

Patrick Hughes talks about the book Don't Shoot the Dog as ir relates to teaching the horn.
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