Extras from The Horn Call, February 2020

The French Horn School During the Belle Époque: Investigation into “Prehistoric” Recordings by Vincent Andrieux

Sample A: NOUGES, Jean, Les Frères Danilo (Ah, gueuse), unknown band - probably orchestra of the Opéra-Comique, cond. Jean Nouges, rec. in Paris c.1912/1913, Marston (2003), 52042-2, CD
Sample B: BIZET, Georges, Carmen (Je dis que rien ne m’épouvante), Orchestre de l’Opéra-Comique, cond. François Ruhlmann, rec. 1911, Marston (1999), 52009-2, CD
Sample C: MEYERBEER, Giacomo, Robert le Diable (Jadis régnait en Normandie), Émile-Frantz Sardet (tenor), orchestra and conductor unknown, recorded in Paris in 1909, Marston (2009), 53009-3, CD
Sample D: BIZET, Georges, Menuet from the 2nd L’Arlésienne Suite, Solistes des Concerts Lamoureux, cond. Henry de Bruyne, rec. c.1905, Gramophone GC 30525, 78 rpm. 
Sample E: GOUNOD, Charles, Mireille Overture, orchestra and conductor as above, rec. before 1912, Pathé Saphir, 5402, 78 rpm.
Sample F: ROSSINI, Gioacchino, Overture from The Barber of Seville, Orchestre Symphonique du Gramophone, cond. J. L. Rousseau, rec.1921, Gramophone, L315, 78 rpm.
Sample G: FLÉGIER, Le Cor, Paul Aumonier (bass), horn-player and pianist unknown, recorded in Paris c. 1899, Pathé Saphir (c.1908—this is the date of the transfer from cylinder to 78 rpm), 897, 78 rpm.
Sample H: MASSÉ, Victor, Galathée (Entr’acte), Orchestre de l’Opéra-Comique, cond. Émile Archainbaud, rec. 1911, Marston (2011), 53010-2, CD.
Sample I: WEBER, Carl Maria von, Freischütz Overture, unknown orchestra [probably that of the Opera], rec. in Paris c.1910/1920, cond.François Ruhlmann, Pathé, 6936, 78 rpm.
Sample J: RIMSKI-KORSAKOV, Nikolaï, Capriccio espagnol (Variations), Orchestre amoureux, cond. Camille Chevillard, rec. 1922, Pathé, 6584, 78 rpm.
Sample K: SAINT-SAËNS, Camille, Romance in F Op. 36, Édouard Vuillermoz (horn), G. Haas (piano), 1929, Gramophone, L 753, 78 rpm.
Bonus A: TITL, Anton, Serenade for flute, horn and piano, [Arthur] Delgrange (horn), [Leopold] Lafleurance (flute), pianist unknown, 1905, Odéon, 36368/42411, 78 rpm.
BONUS B: [composer unknown], Fête, horn quartet, c.1910, unreferenced document from the Édouard Vuillermoz collection, 78 rpm. I thank Peter Steidle very much for giving me these precious recordings.
Bonus C: Der Freischütz Overture performed by the Paris Orchestra Video - opens in popup
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