Many people have made and make the activities of the International Horn Society possible, including our officers, staff, members, and honorary and deceased honorary members.

Advisory Council
The advisory group elected by the IHS membership.

Contact information for the current IHS President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Executive Secretary.

Editorial Staff
Contact information on the forces behind IHS publications.

IHS Area Representatives
Names, addresses, and e-mail links for local IHS representatives (USA).

IHS Membership Directory
A list of members is available to logged in, active IHS members online through the "Members" link in the Members menu

IHS Honorary Members
Listings and biographies of honored horn players of the recent past and present.

IHS Punto Awards
Recipients selected for major contributions at the regional or national level.

IHS Service Medal of Honor
Recipients are individuals who have made a major contribution in service to the International Horn Society.

Past Presidents of the IHS
Their dedication to and vision for the IHS has brought us to where we are today.

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