by Lene Aadalen Skomedal


My name is Lene Skomedal. I am a Norwegian horn player, living in Gothenburg, Sweden. Some years ago I also became a yoga teacher. For me the most interesting thing is that I can do positions that affect my body and calm down and focus my brain! Even if yoga is a very old tradition, I would absolutely say that I am a modern yogi, and I only practice to music. Some of you might have been to my Yoga for Musicians workshop at the IHS 51 symposium in Ghent. As a horn player, yoga has of helped me a lot to find a better posture, which also means almost two liters more air capacity, less pain, less tension and a stronger body and mind. This is what I want every musician to experience, and it is never too late to start!

IHS 52
We had huge plans for IHS 52 in Oregon. I was going to perform a brand new solo piece, and I was also going to give a lot of different yoga sessions. We were planning a "Practice Room" lecture, an evening session on how to calm down after a late rehearsal/gig, three different energizing morning classes, a longer, powerful and more advanced workshop, a fun session for the junior seminar and on the last day - a public Yoga Concert. In this concert I was going to guide an outdoor yoga session, and YOU, different horn ensembles from the symposium were going to play the music! I was going to make connections to the music and the people behind it. My plan was that you could sign up for this during the seminar, and then I would put together a program and make a yoga session to it. And then sadly it got cancelled.

I send some love to Lydia and her team that had already put SO much effort and time into organizing everything!

The whole idea of my Yoga Concerts is of course inspired from different types of "yoga with classical music in the background.” Just like with my Yoga for Musicians, I combine my knowledge from yoga and music. The fact that I am a musician myself makes it possible to get a closer connection between the music and the yoga; that is what makes it unique. I pitched my idea at the concert house in Gothenburg. By now we have done several Yoga Concerts here with the Gothenburg String Quartet, comprised of musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.


When I put together a Yoga Concert, I pick a theme, think about the yoga and how we can work with the theme, and then ask the musicians for suggestions, doing my own research etc. Then I listen. I have listened to more string quartets the last two years than in my whole life! And it is actually very nice to dig into another part of the music world, that doesn’t have much to do with horn playing. It really inspires me in many ways, and I believe that it also improves my horn playing. When I have the music more or less ready, I try out yoga sequences, change some of the music, realize I need something else, look for that, try again, and so on - this can be a long process.

When we have the concerts here, we usually have 120 people. The April concert was sold out already in November…and then of course cancelled due to Covid-19.
For the past 8 years, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra has had some of the most modern equipment with cameras and microphones for live streaming in a concert hall. They live stream and record a lot of their concerts, and I asked them if we could do an online Yoga Concert instead. They wanted it to be in English, and FREE for everyone out there. Already many thousands of people from all over the world have done it!

I made a special theme for what we are in the middle of NOW, that I have called METAMORPHOSIS, and I hope it can make it possible for you to be in the moment and enjoy a new experience to just breathe music and listen with your whole body. From the bottom of my heart and with love, I give you this Yoga Concert, and I hope you will schedule 1 hour and 20 minutes for YOU. Feel free to share it with everyone you know, and remember that you can use it over and over again and jump to your favorite parts!

If you have any questions, want the playlist, or just want to share your experience with me, please get in touch thru my website - or you can also find me on Instagram

I hope to see you at a future symposium or other event. Take care and stay safe!

Namasté (which means - I see the light in you and you see the light in me - that we all inspire each other!)
Yoga Lene

You can read more about Lene and her story on her website,

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