Hello, horn friends! Welcome to the 2nd issue of the International Horn Society E-Newsletter! As we are indeed international, we would like to invite your contributions in your native languages – send us your favorite videos, photos, opinions, whatever…. We will do our best to reflect and promote the multicultural character of the IHS.

My first membership in the Horn Society was a gift from one of my first and finest teachers, Prof. Edward Kammerer (University of Oregon in Eugene.) During my high school years, I learned an extraordinary amount from him, not only about technical aspects of horn playing, but also how important it is to follow your own musical “voice.” He was also a first-class human being. Eugene is known as “The Emerald City” because it’s so beautifully green, thanks to all the rainfall! So the local IHS-affiliated horn club was called the Emerald Horn Club (nicknamed “The Green Hornists.”) In 1988, the great Philip Farkas gave a workshop, sponsored by the horn club and the Horn Society. To meet Mr. Farkas and play for him was endlessly inspiring, something one particular 18-year-old will never forget. Don’t let such an opportunity pass you by. If there’s a horn club in your area, drop by and become a member; if not, feel free to contact us about setting up one. Happy reading! Greetings, Kristina Mascher, Luxembourg, IHS Advisory Council, American Horn Quartet

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