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In this lesson room you must:

  • Strive to satisfy my musical demands more than your own
  • Learn to be patient with yourself
  • Put reliability and control way up, and put speed, and flashy playing way down
  • Do a small amount of literature played well rather than a lot played poorly

The student starts playing and he plays badly. How soon should I stop him? How can I make it clear to him that my opinion is correct; i.e., that he is playing badly? Do people become better players by playing badly for a sufficient length of time? Is progress inevitable?

One problem in teaching is trying to explain to students why they do not get better quickly and why they can’t benefit from simply playing through a lot of music. A good teacher understands the systems of playing and can watch the student more carefully than the students themselves.

Intonation, rhythmic control, control of dynamics, and consistent accuracy are four skills that separate the men from the boys or the ladies from the girls.

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