Hello everyone, I am Angelo Bonaccorso, horn teacher at the V. Bellini Conservatory of Catania and 3rd Horn at the Orchestra of the Teatro Massimo V. Bellini of Catania and Italian IHS representative.

bonaccorsoThe situation here in Italy due to the pandemic is really difficult. We still have many deaths a day and the government has rightly ordered us to stay home. Hopefully it will end soon because many families, who have lost their loved ones, are suffering and many doctors and nurses as well as losing their lives are sacrificing themselves daily to help others.

The positive side of this quarantine (in addition to spending more time with our families and especially our children) is that it is developing more stimuli in us for study and creativity. Every day on social networks we see many videos by musicians, singers, athletes, cooks, etc. Each makes a contribution to offer something to others, a sign of long-distance friendship.

Among these initiatives, with my Sicilian Horn Ensemble, we were among the first to publish our video montage (made by our colleague Salvo Visalli) in which we play a remote arrangement of the Jurassic Park soundtrack. The members of the group: Bonaccorso Angelo, Manuele Catalano, Sebastian Mulè, Fabio Chillemi, Matteo Leone, Salvo Visalli, Daniele L'Abbate, Lorenzo Scolaro, Riccardo De Giorgi, Luca Grasso, Emanuele Giunta and Chiara Zito, all Sicilian hornists who, for work reasons, live in various parts of Italy and abroad but, thanks to technology, we have been able to pay homage to coronavirus victims. You can visit our facebook page or simply click this link to watch the video.

These days we have many new videos also from other horn players, trombonists and trumpeters, a really great artistic production! Among these, the video of the horns of the Teatro alla Scala which have mounted a fantastic video with the Scherzo of the 9 Symphony of Beethoven should be mentioned.

Another youtube channel to mention is definitely that of the great jazz horn playert Giovanni Hoffer who is offering us beautiful videos during this quarantine.

This makes us understand that the music does not stop even if we are all imprisoned at home.
Here is another example of mine to keep the stimuli at home where I recorded the {modal youtube="TD2u_Q7zRco"}Homilius quartet, I hope you like it!

Another very important initiative I would like to talk to you about is that of my French Horn Magazine page which, with the collaboration of great Italian horn players belonging to almost all the Italian opera-symphonic institutions, is implementing a project to stimulate the horn students who at this moment are at home.
Each maestro is creating a video tutorial in which he shows his daily exercises and explains how to do the daily study with practical examples. We already have a nice list of videos that you can view on the Facebook page.

We also did a two-hour video conference where the students interacted directly with the teachers and it was a really great experiment. We will have new videos shortly. Many students have contacted me and thanked me for this project. I personally would like to thank all my fellow colleagues who are embracing this initiative because they are really showing their big heart and great professionalism. We will soon make some great new projects with this great family of Italian horn players.

We stay home and practice, but thanks to music we are united even if we are far apart.
Wishing you all well, I send you a warm greeting

Angelo Bonaccorso

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