Performed by Giovanni Hofer

Dante Yenque, principal horn in the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia, has composed this piece as a dedication to all the musicians who are currently isolated and cut off from their work due to the worldwide health situation. This piece is named after the source of his inspiration: the Galapagos Islands, where a great variety of unique fauna and flora live in a space where the species coexist in the absence of fear; reminding us of a planet Earth very different from the one on which we now live. There, the sea lions, the dolphins, the turtles, the seahorses, the pelicans and even the sharks are within easy reach. They do not shy away from anyone nearby. Iguanas clump together on the trails, giant sea turtles swim alongside snorkellers, and blue-footed boobies woo each other in the presence of visitors. All this is what characterizes Galapagos and what makes it a unique place in the world, from which we can learn. Galapagos is, without a doubt, a message of hope and union, a message that invites you to live in harmony. Many different horn players have recorded videos featuring this song, among them Giovanni Hoffer and Jens Plücker .

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