It’s trivia time again! Think you know your jazz? Answer the 3 main questions correctly, and you will be entered into a drawing for this month’s prize, Arkady Shilkloper’s latest CD, LUSTRUM, with Vadim Neselovskyi. Three copies are up for grabs. The bonus questions are tiebreakers…Send your answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by June 30. Many thanks to jazz expert Steve Schaughency for these challenging questions - be sure to check out his lecture/demonstration at IHS51!

Question #1: Jazz horn pioneer Julius Watkins, and the King of Pop, Micheal Jackson, spent several years (at different times) working for/collaborating musically with which music industry giant?

A. Quincy Jones
B. Phil Spector
C. Brian Eno
D. George Martin

Bonus question #1: What nickname did Watkins earn during his time working with the answer to Question #1?

A. Tootie
B. The Phantom
C. Julius Caesar
D. The Professor

Question #2: Due in part to the incorporation of the Mellophonium (a forward facing F alto horn with a cornet shank) into a couple of jazz big bands during the late 1950‘s, hornists now have quite a large repertoire with 4 „horn“ parts plus big band. Name the famous big band leader responsible for the development of this instrument and with which instrument manufacturer did he collaborate?

A. Woody Herman and DEG
B. Stan Kenton and C.G. Conn
C. Duke Ellington and King Musical Instruments
D. Buddy Rich and Blessing

Bonus question #2: Name one other big band that also used mellophones. 

A. Ray Starling Big Band
B. Count Basie Big Band
C. Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Band
D. Maynard Ferguson Band

Question #3: In the last 50 years, several studio hornists in New York, Los Angeles, London and other places, have led their own jazz small group combos outside of their „day job“. Which player listed below DOES NOT fall into that category?

A. John Clark
B. Jim Rattigan
C. Tom Varner
D. Vince DeRosa
E. John Graas
F. Giovanni Hoffer

Bonus question #3: Peter Gordon co-led a New York based jazz combo in the early 1980s. What was it called?

A. Two French Fries
B. French Connection
C. Hornology
D. French Toast

Extra Bonus question: The Gil Evans big band (John Clark: „electric“ horn) recorded a live album with one of the worlds most famous pop/rock artists, performing arrangements of the artist’s own music, along with the music of Jimi Hendrix. Who is that pop star?

A. Frank Zappa
B. Sting
C. Eddie Van Halen
D. Eric Clapton

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