by Dan Philips, Manager, IHS Online

under constructionIn the early days of the World Wide Web it was common to see “Under Construction” banners prominently displayed on many sites. In reality, every website is constantly under construction and IHS Online is no exception. Almost daily, updates are need to some aspect of the site. At the moment, we’re in the idea and planning stages of a facelift that’s likely to happen within the next few months. With a site this size and depth - as of this moment 1,361 content pages, 6,444 classified ads since we absorbed in 2011, 472,473 visits to the excerpts section since we absorbed in 2014, and 10,899 registered user accounts - that takes careful planning and execution to accomplish without disrupting normal operations.

One of the important functions of the website is offering online voting for Advisory Council members - this year’s elections close on April 15, so if you are a member and haven’t yet voted either online or by mail, please visit your online polling station, log in to your account, and vote.

In addition to the public facing content and services, the IHS website also provides officers, staff and Advisory Council members with record keeping, internal communication and voting, membership records and management, automated Friendship Project and club membership discounts, and a host of other services.

In addition to keeping all of that running, I construct and send the bi-weekly Updates from the IHS newsletter that lists new classified ads, teacher database entries and section listings, and of course, this Horn and More newsletter.

As I’ve written, IHS Online is continually “under construction,” and we are always open to ideas, suggestions, complaints, etc. from users as to the content and functioning of the site. If you would like to see a particular improvement or are having trouble with some aspect, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Recent behind the scenes developments have included moving static content to a Content Delivery Network, and implementation of a merging and caching scheme for javascript and css files. Both of these actions will speed up response and reduce the load on our server, avoiding the occasional timeouts that have happened.

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