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AuthorBook TitleReviewerPagesIssue
Adolphe, BruceThe Mind’s Ear: Exercises for Improving the Musical Imagination for Performers, Listeners and ComposersThompson, Virginia882000 Aug
Agrell, JeffreyHorn Technique: A New Approach to an Old InstrumentSnedeker, Jeffrey75-762017 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyHorn Technique: A New Approach to an Old InstrumentBoldin, James832019 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyImprov Games for One PlayerSnedeker, Jeffrey792010 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyImprovisation Games for Classical Musicians: 500+ Non-jazz Games for Performers, Educators, and Everyone ElseLane, Mark752008 May
Agrell, JeffreyImprovisation Games for Classical Musicians, Vol. 2: 642 More Creative Musical Games for Students, Teacher, and PerformersSnedeker, Jeffrey80-812016 Oct
Akins, Thomas N.Crescendo: Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra 1930-2005Snedeker, Jeffrey71-722005 Feb
Amis, KennethThe Brass Player’s Cookbook: Creative Recipes for a Successful PerformanceThompson, Virginia932007 May
Anderson, Mark J.A Sourcebook of Nineteenth-Century American Sacred Music for Brass InstrumentsScharnberg, William711998 Feb
Anderson, Paul G. (ed)Brass Ensemble Music GuideHill, Douglas89-901979 Oct
Anderson, Paul G. (ed)Brass Solo and Study Material Music GuideHill, Douglas89-901979 Oct
Ausfahl, J. (ed)The History of Music (1450-1900) for HornThompson, Virginia91-921999 Nov
Austin, PaulA Modern Valve Horn Player’s Guide to the Natural HornScharnberg, William671995 Feb
Bahnert, Herzberg, SchrammMetallblas InstrumenteScharnberg, William81-821987 Apr
Basart, Ann P.Writing about Music: A Guide to Publishing Opportunities for Authors and ReviewersScharnberg, William1121990 Apr
Becknell, StevenEtudes from the RepertoireBosler, Annie83-842019 Feb
Beeching, Angela MylesBeyond Talent: Creating a successful career in musicSnedeker, Jeffrey742006 May
Beeching, Angela MylesBeyond Talent: Creating a successful career in music, 2nd editionThompson, Virginia732011 Oct
Belfrage, BengtOverstrain Injuries in Brass Players: Causes and Cure, “A Brass Player’s Testament”Snedeker, Jeffrey702006 Feb
Bellamah, Joseph L.A Survey of Modern Brass Teaching PhilosophiesHill, Douglas611976 Nov
Berv, HarryA Creative Approach to the French HornHill, Douglas661978 May
Billiet, Jeroen200 Years of Belgian Horn School? A Comprehensive Study of the Horn in Belgium 1789-1960Snedeker, Jeffrey75-762010 Feb
Billiet, JeroenBrave Belgians of the Belle Epoque: A study of the late romantic Ghent horn playing traditionLucas, Heidi682023 May
Blanchard, Bonnie and Cynthia Blanchard AcreeMaking Music and Having a Blast: A Guide for All Music StudentsThompson, Virginia792010 Oct
Bosler, Annie et alCollege Prep for Musicians: A Comprehensive Guide for Students, Parents, Teachers and CounselorsLucas, Heidi832019 May
Bourgue, DanielConversations about the HornMansur, Paul941998 Nov
Bourgue, DanielLe tour du monde en 80 ans (Around the World in 80 Years)Snedeker, Jeffrey722017 May
Brinckmeyer, Lynn M.A Guide to User-Friendly StrategiesSnedeker, Jeffrey802016 Oct
Brittin, Anthony N.The HitchhikerSnedeker, Jeffrey832012 Oct
Brophy, William R.Technical Studies for Solving Special Problems on the HornHill, Douglas871979 Oct
Bruechle, BernardHorn Bibliography, Vol. 1Meek, Harold751972 Nov
Bruechle, BernardHorn Bibliography, Vol. 2Meek, Harold221975 Nov
Bruechle & LienhardHorn Bibliography, Vol. 3Winter, James771984 Oct
Bruechle & Janetzky/ Baumann (translator)A Pictorial History of the HornMeek, Harold54-551976 Nov
Bruser, MadelineThe Art of Practicing: A Guide to Making Music from the HeartThompson, Virginia88-892000 Aug
Burba, MalteBrass Masterclass Method for Brass Players: The Logical Way to Attain Unlimited Control, Endurance and RangeThompson, Virginia731999 May
Bushouse, DavidPractical Hints on Playing the French HornFaust, Randall841987 Apr
Ceccarossi, DomenicoIl CornoScharnberg, William811987 Apr
Cerminaro, JohnThe Greater Glory: Performance and the Art of Horn PlayingScharnberg, William751996 Nov
Cousins, FarquharsonOn Playing the HornFaust, Randall851985 Apr
Cousins, FarquharsonOn Playing the HornLaBar, Arthur53-541993 Apr
Cutler, DavidThe Savvy Musician: Building a Career, Earning a Living, and Making a Differencevan Dreel, Lydia77-782010 May
Cutler, DavidThe Savvy Music Teacher: Blueprint for Maximizing Income and ImpactAltman, Paulette592016 May
Czech Music SocietyThe Horn in the Past and Present of Czech MusicScharnberg, William81-821986 Apr
Deane, RichardThe Efficient Approach: Accelerated Development for the HornSnedeker, Jeffrey752011 May
Decker, JamesMaster Class Workbook (with audio & video tapes)Winter, James711991 Oct
Decker, Richard G.Music for Three Brasses: A Bibliography of Music for Three Heterogeneous Brass Instruments Alone and in Chamber EnsemblesHill, Douglas691976 May
Dempf & SeraphinoffGuide to the Solo Horn RepertoireSnedeker, Jeffrey702017 Feb
Downing, NigelSinging on the Wind: Aspects of Horn PlayingSnedeker, Jeffrey79-802004 Oct
Dudgeon, RalphThe Keyed BugleLaBar, Arthur751994 Feb
Dudgeon, RalphThe Keyed Bugle, Second EditionSnedeker, Jeffrey702006 Feb
Dudgeon & StreitwieserDas Fluegelhorn: The History of the FluegelhornSnedeker, Jeffrey802004 Oct
Dunkel, Stuart EdwardThe Audition Process: Anxiety Management and Coping StrategiesGoodman, David W.681990 Oct
Elson/Herman (ed)The New Elson’s Pocket Music DictionarySnedeker, Jeffrey792010 May
Ely & Van DeurenWind Talk for Brass: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Teaching Brass InstrumentsSnedeker, Jeffrey782010 May
Epstein, EliHorn Playing from the Inside Out: A Method for All Brass MusiciansKurau, W. Peter782013 Feb
Epstein, EliHorn Playing from the Inside Out: A Method for All Brass Students, 3rd EditionPack, Abigail862022 Oct
Ericson, JohnIntroducing the Horn: Essentials for New Hornists and Their TeachersSnedeker, Jeffrey77-782008 Oct
Ericson, JohnIntroducing the Horn, second editionLucas, Heidi842015 Oct
Ericson, JohnIntroducing the Horn, third editionLieser, Ben942020 Oct
Ericson, JohnA Mello Catechism, second editionLucas, Heidi842015 Oct
Ericson, JohnA Mello Catechism, third editionCompton, Lanette932020 Oct
Ericson, JohnPlaying Descant and Triple HornsLucas, Heidi842015 Oct
Ericson, JohnPlaying High Horn: A Handbook for High Register Playing, Descant Horns, and Triple HornsSnedeker, Jeffrey782008 Oct
Ericson, JohnPlaying Natural Horn Today: An Introductory Guide and Method for the Modern Natural HornistSnedeker, Jeffrey80-812015 Feb
Ericson, JohnPlaying the Wagner TubaHopkins, Shirley76-772009 Feb
Ewell, Terry B.Wind Performer’s Guide to Increasing EnduranceThompson, Virginia762013 Oct
Fako, Nancy JordanPhilip Farkas and His Horn: A Happy, Worthwhile LifeScharnberg, William691999 May
Farkas, PhilipThe Art of MusicianshipMansur, Paul631977 May
Farr, Linda AnneA Horn Player’s Guide to Orchestral ExcerptsHill, Douglas88-891979 Oct
Fasman, Mark J.Brass BibliographyScharnberg, William711994 Nov
Faust, RandallHow to Stop a Horn (DVD)Snedeker, Jeffrey752012 Feb
Fedderly, David & Sally WagnerBrass Instruments: Purchasing, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and MoreBoldin, James772018 Feb
Fitzpatrick, HoraceThe Horn and Horn Playing, and the Austro-Bohemian Tradition 1680-1830Brislan, Patrick41-431971 May
Fox, FredEssentials of Brass PlayingFarkas, Philip67-681978 May
Frederickson/Taylor (ed)Arnold Jacobs: Song and WindHill, Douglas881977 Feb
Freymuth, MalvaMental Practice and Imagery for Musicians: A Practical Guide for Optimizing Practice Time, enhancing Performance, and Preventing InjuryThompson, Virginia881999 Aug
Froseth & HopkinsVisual Diagnostic Skills Program: BrassSnedeker, Jeffrey69-702006 Feb
Gamble, Stephen & LynchDennis Brain: A Life in MusicSnedeker, Jeffrey712011 Oct
Gardner, HowardTo Open MindsThompson, Virginia852000 Feb
Gardner, Randy C.Good Vibrations: Masterclasses for Brass PlayersSnedeker, Jeffrey79-802015 Feb
Gardner, Randy C.Mastering the Horn’s Low RegisterScharnberg, William832003 Feb
Goldstein, ArthurCompete Method für der Waldhorn oder der Ventilhorn by Professor Eric von SchmutzigSnedeker, Jeffrey802005 Oct
Goldstein, ArthurDer Illustrated Compendium of Rare Observations and Reflections … Schmutzig Series No. 4Snedeker, Jeffrey802005 Oct
Goldstein, ArthurIncomplete Method für die Holzblasinstrumente by Professor Willem von SchmutzigSnedeker, Jeffrey802010 May
Gordon, StewartMastering the Art of Performance: A Primer for MusiciansSnedeker, Jeffrey792006 Oct
Gorrie, JonPerforming in the ZoneSnedeker, Jeffrey78-792010 Oct
Grabois, DanielHorn Excerpt Boot Camp, Volume 1: The Top TenSnedeker, Jeffrey59-602016 May
Graham-Crump, HeatherOxford Tutors for Horn: The Complete Horn MethodFaust, Randall941990 Apr
Green, BarryThe Inner Game of Music (video)Scharnberg, William881989 Oct
Green, BarryThe Mastery of Music: Ten Pathways to True ArtistrySnedeker, Jeffrey732003 Oct
Green & GallwayThe Inner Game of MusicFaust, Randall971986 Oct
Grindea, Carola (ed)Tensions in the Performance of MusicFaust, Randall661973 Apr
Hagberg, KarenStage Presence from Head to Toe: A Manual for MusiciansSnedeker, Jeffrey73-742004 May
Hamman, Donald L.On Staff: A Practical Guide to Starting Your Career in a University Music DepartmentThompson, Virginia672014 May
Hanthorn, DennisCatalogue of Horn Orchestral ExcerptsHill, Douglas88-891979 Oct
Havas, KatoStage Fright: Its Causes and CuresScharnberg, William761982 Apr
Hazen, Margaret & RobertThe Music Men: An Illustrated History of Brass Bands in America, 1800-1920Faust, Randall75-771987 Oct
Heflick, DavidHow to Make Money Performing in the Public SchoolsScharnberg, William711994 May
Herbert, Trevor, Arnold Myers, John WallaceThe Cambridge Encyclopedia of Brass InstrumentsHaislip, Matthew932020 Oct
Hill, DouglasCollected Thoughts on Teaching and Learning, Creativity, and Horn PerformanceSnedeker, Jeffrey67-682001 Aug
Hill, DouglasFrench Horn Basics: Questions Answered. A Compact Guide for Teachers and Young PlayersSnedeker, Jeffrey772011 Feb
Hill, DouglasFrench Horn Fundamentals: Performance/Practice Materials for Music Education StudentsSnedeker, Jeffrey772011 Feb
Hill, DouglasExtended Techniques for the HornFaust, Randall861984 Apr
Hill, DouglasExtended Techniques for the HornScharnberg, William831997 Feb
Hill, DouglasHill on Horn from Clinics on CassettesScharnberg, William81-821987 Oct
Hill, DouglasLow Range for the Horn PlayerSnedeker, Jeffrey752011 May
Hill & FrosethIntroducing the French HornFarkas, Philip571977 May
Hiller, AlbertDas Grosse Buch vom PosthornWinter, James76-771985 Oct
Hoeltzl/Melton (transl)Mastery of the French Horn: Technique and Musical ExpresionSnedeker, Jeffrey832007 Oct
Horvath, JanetPlaying (Less) Hurt: An Injury Prevention Guide for MusiciansSnedeker, Jeffrey72-732011 Oct
Horvath, Roland (ed)Wiener Walhornverein Blätter (periodical)Scharnberg, William1121990 Apr
Hosek, MiroslavThe Woodwind QuintetHill, Douglas891979 Oct
Huessenstamm, GeorgeThe Norton Manual of Music NotationWinter, James831987 Oct
Humphries, JohnThe Early Horn: A Practical GuideScharnberg, William812001 May
Hynie, John/Hardin (ed)Inside John Haynie’s Studio: A Master Teacher’s Lessons on Trumpet and LifeSnedeker, Jeffrey772008 Feb
Hyytinen, TommiPlaying from the Core: A New Method for French hornLucas, Heidi662022 Feb
Janetzky & BruechleDas HornWinter, James69-701978 May
Janetzky & BruechleDas Horn (English)Scharnberg, William991989 Apr
Johnson, KeithThe Art of Trumpet PlayingScharnberg, William761982 Apr
Johnson, KeithBrass Performance and PedagogyScharnberg, William842003 May
Johnston, PhilipThe Dynamic Studio: How to keep students, dazzle parents, and build the music studio everyone want to get intoSnedeker, Jeffrey752014 Feb
Johnston, PhilipThe Practice RevolutionScharnberg, William832003 May
Johnston, PhilipPracticeopedia: The Complete Illustrated Guide to Mastering Music’s Greatest ChallengeSnedeker, Jeffrey812007 Feb
Jones, FrancesThe Alphorn through the Eyes of the Classical ComposerLucas, Heidi652022 Feb
Karp, TheodoreDictionary of MusicDressler, John88-891984 Apr
Kaslow, David M.Living Dangerously with the HornScharnberg, William67-681996 May
Kaslow, David M.With Aspirations High: Discussions and Exercises for MusiciansSnedeker, Jeffrey742003 Oct
Kleucker, Malinda FinchWith Horn in Hand (A Guide to Mastering the Horn)Scharnberg, William741990 Oct
Klickstein, GeraldThe Musician’s Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance, & WellnessDickow, Robert71-722011 Oct
Kloss, Marilyn Bone (ed)Cornucopia: The Book: Twenty years of articles from the Cornucopia newsletterSnedeker, Jeffrey82-832012 Oct
Kohut, Daniel L.Musical Performance Learning Theory and PedagogyScharnberg, William811987 Apr
Krehbiel, DavidThrough the Door: A Horn Player’s JourneyLucas, Heidi902021 May
Kraemer, Jonathan M. and MichelleThe Band Directors’ Guide to Success: A Survival guide for New Music EducatorsPaul, Timothy83-842019 May
Krueger, Imtraud TarrPerformance Power: Transforming Stress into Creative EnergyScharnberg, William691996 Feb
Lawson, WalterDevelopment of New Mouthpipes for the French hornHill, Douglas611976 Nov
Lebrecht, NormanThe Maestro Myth: Great Conductors in Pursuit of PowerScharnberg, William54-551993 Apr
Leduc, AlphonseMusique pour CorLaBar, Arthur691991 Apr
Leinsdorf, ErichThe Composer’s AdvocateLeuba, Christopher891984 Apr
Leuba, ChristopherLeuba Lessons on Horn (video)Scharnberg, William831995 May
Leuba, ChristopherThe Rules of the GameScharnberg, William711994 Feb
Leuba, ChristopherThe Rules of the Game (reprint)Snedeker, Jeffrey802015 Feb
Lewis, LucindaEmbouchure RehabilitationDalrymple, Glenn842007 Oct
Liebermann, Julie LyonnThe Instrumentalist’s Guide to Fitness, Health, & Musicianship (video)Mansur, Paul551993 Apr
Liebermann, Julie LyonnYou Are Your InstrumentMansur, Paul551993 Apr
Loft, AbramHow to Succeed in an Ensemble: Reflections on a Life in Chamber MusicScharnberg, William83-842003 May
Matosinhos, RicardoHorn’s Pocket GuideSnedeker, Jeffrey732011 Oct
McBeth, AmyA Discography of 78 RPM Era Recordings of the HornScharnberg, William771998 May
McWilliam, FergusBlow Your OWN Horn! Horn HeresiesReynolds, Hadley672012 May
Meckna, MichaelTwentieth-Century Brass SoloistsLaBar, Arthur711995 Feb
Meek, HaroldHorn & ConductorScharnberg, William791997 Nov
Melton, WilliamThe Wagner Tuba: A HistorySnedeker, Jeffrey762009 Feb
Mende, EmilieBrass Instruments: Dictionary in Three LanguagesFaust, Randall781984 Oct
Mende, EmiliePictorial Family Tree of Brass Instruments in EuropeScharnberg, William76-771982 Apr
Mendez & GibneyPrelude to Brass PlayingSnedeker, Jeffrey842005 May
Merewether, RichardThe Horn, the HornHill, Douglas66-671978 May
Merrell, JenniferA Horn Player’s Guide to Instrument Care & MaintenanceScharnberg, William672001 Feb
Miller, ToddCarved in Stone: The Life and Musical Legacy of Vincent DeRosaSnedeker, Jeffrey772010 May
Montagu, JeremyHorns and Trumpets of the World: An Illustrated GuideSnedeker, Jeffrey792015 Feb
Morgenstern, SheldonNo Vivaldi in the Garage: A Requiem for Classical Music in North AmericaSchweikert, Norman732004 Feb
Morley-Pegge, R.The French HornMeek, Harold731973 Aut
Morrell, Kristy M.Musician, Heal Thyself: a Self-Help Guide for HornistsSnedeker, Jeffrey862015 May
Mota & InfiestaPintors WagneriansFaust, Randall971989 Apr
Munrow, DavidInstruments of the Middle Ages and RenaissanceFaust, Randall85-861985 Apr
Nathan, AmyThe Music Parents’ Survival Guide: A Parent-to-Parent ConversationSnedeker, Jeffrey832015 Oct
Nelson, BruceAlso Sprach Arnold Jacobs: A Developmental Guide for Brass Wind MusiciansSnedeker, Jeffrey77-782008 Feb
Nesmith, DavidThe Breathing Book: Horn EditionSnedeker, Jeffrey682012 May
Nierenberg, RogerMaestro: A surprising story about leading by listeningSnedeker, Jeffrey782010 Oct
Osborn, RebeccaThe Private Music Instruction Manual: A Guide for the Independent Music EducatorSnedeker, Jeffrey842005 May
Palma & MiklosKurtiskola (Horn Tutor), Vol. IILaBar, Arthur751994 Feb
Palmer, Parker J.The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s LifeThompson, Virginia912000 May
Patton, JulieMaximizing Your Studio's Potential: Instructor Manual: BrassSnedeker, Jeffrey83-842005 May
Patton, JulieMaximizing Your Studio's Potential: Student Log Book: BrassSnedeker, Jeffrey83-842005 May
Perry, GlenThe Essential Guide to French Horn MaintenanceSnedeker, Jeffrey812015 Feb
Pettitt, StephenDennis Brain: A BiographyHill, Douglas54-551977 Nov
Pettitt, StephenDennis Brain: A BiographyMabry, Drake77-781980 Apr
Pizka, Hans (ed)Horisten Lexikon (Dictionary for Hornists)Faust, Randall691988 Oct
Pritchard, Paul (ed)The BusinessScharnberg, William541993 Apr
Rabson, CarolynOrchestral Excerpts: A Comprehensive IndexScharnberg, William711994 Feb
Rees, JasperI Found My Horn: One Man's Struggle with the Orchestra's Most Difficult InstrumentGlick, Edwin832009 May
Reynolds, VerneThe Horn HandbookHill, Douglas87-881977 Feb
Rider, WendellReal World Horn PlayingSnedeker, Jeffrey73-742003 Oct
Rider, WendellReal World Horn Playing, vol. 1 & 2, DVDSnedeker, Jeffrey762009 Feb
Royal Schools of MusicAll Together! Teaching Music in GroupsSnedeker, Jeffrey792005 Oct
Royal Schools of MusicMusic Medals Series: Copper Brass 1Snedeker, Jeffrey792005 Oct
Royal Schools of MusicMusic Medals Series: Gold Brass 1Snedeker, Jeffrey792005 Oct
Ruff, WillieA Call to AssemblyMansur, Paul72-731991 Oct
Sayer, RobertSound Habits: Brass Builder for HornSnedeker, Jeffrey772013 May
Schneider, BrunoHorn FundamentalsThompson, Virginia772013 May
Schuller, GuntherGunther Schuller: A Life in Pursuit of Music and BeautySnedeker, Jeffrey83-842012 Feb
Schuller, GuntherHorn Technique, 2nd editionLaBar, Arthur52-531992 Oct
Schwartz, Richard A.The Sight-Reading workbook: Clarinet, Guitar, Horn, Trumpet, and ViolinThompson, Virginia77-782013 May
Schwartzl, SiegfriedThe Development of Horn Ensemble Music from the Romantic Era to the Present Time in ViennaFaust, Randall771987 Oct
Schwartzl, Siegfried145 Jahre Bühnenorchester der Wiener StaatsoperScharnberg, William892000 Feb
Schweikert, NormanThe Horns of Valhalla: Saga of the Reiter BrothersReichert, Tom772013 Feb
Scott, AnnekeThe Historical Horns Handbook, Vol. 1: Natural Horn, An IntroductionThoms, Jonas652022 Feb
Seraphinoff, RichardCorno da Capo: The Life and Adventures of an 18th Century Horn PlayerSnedeker, Jeffrey85-862022 Oct
Severson & McDunnBrass Wind ArtistryFaust, Randall771984 Oct
Shook, Brian A.Last Stop, Carnegie Hall: New York Philharmonic Trumpeter William VacchianoThompson, Virginia832012 Oct
Smith, NicholasDon't Miss Ideas, concepts, and exercises design to increase accuracy on an inaccurate instrumentSnedeker, Jeffrey772010 Oct
Snedeker, JeffreyHorn Teaching at the Paris Conservatoire, 1792-1903Lucas, Heidi792023 Oct
Snedeker, Jeffrey (ed)International Horn Society: The First 50 YearsAgrell, Jeffrey66-672022 Feb
Sorenson, DeanFirst Place for Jazz: Introductory Method for Jazz EnsembleSnedeker, Jeffrey782016 Feb
Steggall, RichardDon’t Feat the Horn: A Comprehensive Guide to the French Horn for All Brass Players and TeachersLucas, Heidi762024 Feb
Sterner, Thomas M.The Practicing Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline in Your LifeSnedeker, Jeffrey822012 Oct
Stewart, M. Dee (ed)Arnold Jacobs: The Legacy of a MasterFaust, Randall871988 Apr
Stewart, M. Dee (ed)Philip Farkas: The Legacy of a MasterDressler, John691990 Oct
Stout, LouisHeart's Desire – Louis Stout – Horn of PlentySnedeker, Jeffrey782005 Oct
Swain, JohnThe Brass Instruments: A Reference ManualThompson, Virginia891999 Feb
Tarr, JohnThe Dynamic Musician Series: Dynamic Stability and Breath, vol. 1Snedeker, Jeffrey74-752006 May
Thompson, KevinWind Bands and Brass Bands in School and Music CentreFaust, Randall75-771987 Oct
Thurmond, James MorganNote GroupingLeuba, Christopher89-901984 Apr
Thurmond, James MorganNote GroupingFaust, Randall77-781984 Oct
Tuckwell, BarryThe HornDressler, John88-891984 Apr
Tuckwell, BarryThe HornScharnberg, William751997 May
Tuckwell, BarryThe Horn [reprint]Scharnberg, William772020 May
Tuckwell, BarryPlaying the HornHill, Douglas86-871979 Oct
Tuckwell, BarryPlaying the HornScharnberg, William751997 May
Tuckwell, BarryPlaying the Horn [reprint]Hill, Douglas772020 May
US Army Field BandHorn Playing Past and PresentScharnberg, William691995 Nov
Vignau, CharlotteModernity, Complex Societies, and the AlphornSnedeker, Jeffrey67-682014 May
Vining, DavidThe Big Book of Sight Reading Duets for Horn: 100 Sight Reading Challenges for You and a FriendSnedeker, Jeffrey78-792016 Feb
Wagner, CorbinThe How-to Horn Book: Oh, So That’s How It’s Done!Snedeker, Jeffrey842012 Oct
Watkins, Cornelia & Laurie ScottFrom the Stage to the Studio: How Fine Musicians Become Great TeachersSnedeker, Jeffrey75-762013 Oct
Watson, ScottUsing Technology to Unlock Musical CreativityAgrell, Jeffrey81-822012 Oct
Watt, Robert LeeThe Black Horn: The Story of Classical French Hornist Robert Lee WattSnedeker, Jeffrey85-862015 May
Weast, RobertKeys to Natural Performance for Brass PlayersHill, Douglas87-881979 Oct
Wekre, Froydis ReeThoughts on Playing the Horn WellLaBar, Arthur67-681994 Nov
Wekre, Froydis ReeCollected WritingsLucas, Heidi942020 Oct
Werner, KennyEffortless Master: Liberating the Master Musician WithinThompson, Virginia89-902000 Feb
Whitaker & TannerBut I Played It Perfectly in the Practice Room!Scharnberg, William811987 Oct
Whitehead, KevinWhy Jazz? A concise guideVarner, Tom752012 Feb
Whitener, ScottA Complete Guide to Brass Instruments and PedagogyScharnberg, William651991 Apr
Whitener, ScottA Complete Guide to Brass Instruments and PedagogyLaBar, Arthur691991 Apr
Whitener, ScottA Complete Guide to Brass, Second EditionScharnberg, William791997 Nov
Wilkins, Wayne (ed)Index of French Horn MusicHill, Douglas66-671978 May
Windplayer PublicationsSelected Breathing Masterclasses, vol. 1Scharnberg, William832003 May
Yancich, MilanAn Orchestra Musician's Odyssey – A View from the RearScharnberg, William671996 May

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