by Paul Meng, Chinese Horn Society

A masterclass of the Second China Horn Festival, took place at Jinbao Theater in summer of 2016

The Fourth Jinbao International Music Festival will take place at the Jinbao Musical Instrument Factory, Tianjin City, Jinbao County, China. This festival is financially supported by Jinbao Musical Instrument Manufacturers. The festival includes horn, trumpet, trombone and tuba, clarinet, percussion, and saxophone. Each instrument’s festival takes place at a different time of year. Jinbao Musical Instrument Manufacturers established this festival in the summer of 2015.  It is great and we benefit from the generous sponsorship of Jinbao Musical Instruments Manufacture and the local government. We all thank them very much!

The Chinese Horn Society was not a part of the first Jinbao festival in 2015 but did join the 2nd one in 2016. The CHS held the 1st China Horn Festival by itself in 2006, so Jinbao and CHS both agreed that the 2016 CHS horn festival should be called the 2nd China Horn Festival. The 3rd Jinbao festival was in 2017 but featured other instruments without horn.

The Third China Horn Festival will be from Aug. 8th -14th, 2018.  The artists we have invited, are Felix Klieser from Germany, Jukka Harju from Finland, Frank Lloyd from the UK, Javier Bonet from Spain, and a special post-retirement appearance by the American Horn Quartet. We also invited Ms. Kristina Mascher-Tuner as IHS official, to represent the IHS and help promote IHS membership in China. There will be a few more well-known players to be decided to invite and post later.

There will be artist concerts every evening as well as local master classes every day. Participants will enjoy and learn different styles of playing. Some of the top symphony players from China will also play concerts and have all kinds of teaching classes.


Mr. Liu, Yun Bin (the first from right in the first row), president of Jinbao Musical Instruments Manufacture, with some of the honored senior horn players and competition judges. (Author is in the second row, the fifth from the right.)

Competitions include:

  1. Under 13 years old: two rounds (Birth date after Sept.1, 2005)
    1st round: one movement from any of the Mozart concertos #1 or #3, or Romance of Saint-Saens and the 1st movement of Saint-Saens Morceau de Concert, no piano accompaniment and within 3 minutes.
    2nd round: Mozart Concert Rondo KV371 with written cadenza.
  2. Older than 13 years old: two rounds (Birth date before Sept.1, 2005, amateur)
    1st round: Franz Strauss Theme and Variations, no repeat, no 3rd variation.
    2nd round: Rheinberger Sonata for horn and piano Op 178, 1st movement, no repeat
  3. Academic Group, three rounds (College of Arts, Conservatory students, including graduate students and equivalent level of students from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao)
    1st round: Beethoven Sonata for Horn and Piano op.17 third movement.
    2nd round: John Kvandal Introduction and Allegro op.30, Otto Ketting Intrada (solo) A and B
    3rd round: R. Strauss Horn Concerto # 1 op.11

CHS will also organize a quartet competition in this festival:

  1. Group A under 16, two rounds (all 4 players date of birth after Sept.1, 2002)
    1st round: Wagner Pilgerchor aus Tannhauser, and H. Liebert Bauern Polka. Both pieces need to be played.
    2nd round: G.P. Telemann Concerto for Horn Quartet
  2. Group B under 30, three rounds (players’ date of birth after Sept. 1, 1988)
    1st round: G. Lampe Hornermusik
    2nd round: 1. B. Krol Kleine Festmusik, 2. V.Nelhybel Divertimento. Both pieces need to be player in order.
    3rd round: F.C. Homilius Quartet in Bb Major
Associate Professor Mr. Liu, Yang from Guang Xi Province Art University, and Associate professor Ms. Gang, Xing from Ji Lin Province Art University, take picture with Prize winners under 13

The second CHS Festival was held in the summer of 2016. The total participants were about 500. In this festival, Jinbao and CHS invited David Thompson from the Sydney Opera House Australia, Douglas Lundeen from Rutgers University, NJ USA, Daniel Grabois from University of Wisconsin- Madison and the Budapest Festival Horn Quartet as artists.


The first China Horn Festival was hosted by China Horn Society in the summer of 2006, Fushun City, Liaoning Province. It was sponsored by some private funds and the income of application fee and ticket sales. The CHS invited Mr. Frank Lloyd and some Chinese players as artists. 

In order to attract more students to play horn and improve the level of horn teaching, the CHS also invited most of the horn teachers from 8 conservatories in different locations in China to be the judges of horn competitions. Competition was in three levels, under 13, under 18 and under 25. For the under 25’s, we have two groups, one is pro level and one is for non-professionals. The total participants were about 800.

All CHS council members agreed that this kind of festival would definitely help enhance horn teaching and playing level in the future. No matter how difficult it is to find enough money to support such an event, we still shall put more effort into looking for opportunities. It was 10 years after the 1st festival that all our hopes became true.

We wish the Jinbao International Musical Festival a healthy continuation, not only for horn but for all musical instruments to join this great festival. It will help to make a tremendous progress in the musical field in China.       


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