by Adam Wolf

adam wolfThe life of a freelancer in L.A. can be, at its worst, merely interesting, but at its best, absolutely magical. Every day is a different gig, with different players, in different cities within Southern California. The one thing we all have in common, however, is that we all spend tons of time on the freeway. What we all do in that time varies. Some like books on tape, some use the drive time to call friends and family we otherwise don't have time to call, or like me, some of us listen to podcasts. One day I was driving to a gig, listening to some nerdy podcast, and thought to myself, “I'm going to try and find a podcast dealing with horn.” From here, a troubling realization happened. The horn community, arguably the most nerdy, most communal, and most curious of all the instruments, didn’t have a dedicated podcast! This simply wouldn’t do. It was at this point, where I reached out to my good friend Scott Bacon, and the brainstorming began.

Since Pathways started almost a year ago, we've heard many compelling stories starting with Bernhard Scully, and have since heard a dozen interviews with many more waiting to be released. Thanks to our wonderful listening audience, thousands of people have already gotten to come along for the journey as we dive into the road that leads some of the names we know and love to become the players we aspire to be. We have many exciting events planned for year two of Pathways, and one of those experiences is LIVE podcasting.

For the purposes of the horn world, the International Horn Symposium is our World Series, and what better way to help bring Pathways to a larger horn community than to have podcast interviews in a public setting for all to come, listen, watch, and interact with myself and guests during this week! Thanks to host Gene Berger, this will be a reality. Some of the people I'll be interviewing will be Kristina Mascher-Turner and Kerry Turner, Karl Pituch, Denise Tryon, and Jeff Nelsen, with more to be confirmed later. These episodes of Pathways will be an opportunity to have open discussions with some of the world’s greatest horn players, and for you, the listener, to get involved during Q and A sessions. We have a number of possible venues for these special IHS episodes, with a priority towards being accessible to anyone at the Symposium. Along with IHS, I’ll be LIVE interviewing the legendary Randy Gardner at the Mid-South Horn Workshop, hosted by Brent Shires from March 16-18th, and at the Northwest Horn Symposium hosted by Gina Gillie from March 23-25, where I'll get to talk with one of social media’s most popular sections, the Seattle Symphony.

To stay current on Pathways, all you need to do is subscribe to us on iTunes or whichever podcast service you use, or my personal Instagram: @adam.wolf.rhp. Feel free to email questions or inquiries for me or future guests at

Adam Wolf is the founder of Rock Horn Project, an active soloist and lecturer, as well as host of the Pathways podcast. In addition to his special projects, he is a freelance hornist in Los Angeles, principal horn of Redlands Symphony, and professor of horn at University of Redlands.


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