The TE Tuner - The Totally Emotional Tuner!

by Jeff Nelsen

During my intonation work, I’m often reminded of a well-known golf saying.

I hate my tuner. I hate my tuner. Hey! Nice note! I love my tuner.

Often our tuner work can become emotional. That’s where the Totally Emotional Tuner app comes in!

Ok, no, that’s not what the TE stands for. But you do get an awesome smile on your screen when you’re in tune. We can always use a little smile in the practice room from time to time, eh?!

There are tons of great apps out there. Here’s another one that has become my go-to app for my daily tuner, metronome, and recording myself work.

 It’s The Tonal Energy tuner. Here are the links:

Tonal Energy
For iPhone
For Android

tetunerscreenshotsHere are my top 3 strengths of this app:

  1. tetuner pitchhistoryThe 3 ways it shows you your pitch
    1. Color of center circle
      1. Changes from red to orange to green as your pitch gets closer to your goal Hz
    2. Dial around Center circle
      1. Moves around a circular list of pitch names, and gets more centered on the pitch name as you get more centered on that pitch
    3. Numerical measurement of cents sharp or flat
  2. Visual timeline of your pitch history
    1. When you play a note, a line shows you where your pitch has been over a certain time period, while showing the tuner above.
    2. Shows a percentage of intonation “success” and total time of sound, in gradients of red to orange to green.
  3. Really simple media file management system, to easily facilitate uploading recordings for full studio play-along at their leisure, and more.
    1. I record, with the metronome going, some exercises. My phone gives me the option to save that sound (and video, I’ve now learned!) file directly into the TE Tuner.
      1. I send a link to my students and they do the same, and play along anytime.
      2. I can send a link to a recording for them to play along with.
    2. Simple “looping” of any recording excerpt, to play one bar, one excerpt, or more, over and over.

tetuner playbackI also contacted the co-founder of this app. Here he is now, with some more info about his app:

Greetings horn world!

My name is Philip Geiger. I’m the co-founder of the TonalEnergy Tuner and I’m the music education guy. Here are some of the features that I think are helpful:

Auto reference-mic/8ths button on main tuner screen. I wanted this feature so that musicians could use either one or two earbuds when they play various drones. The user can choose up to three pitches along with the pitch they are playing. Many professional players have contacted me and told me how much they use this feature. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts after you have tried this feature.

Instant pitch reference-Just touch the note name on the any screen and the pitch that is being played will instantly sound. I have found this to be very helpful for teachers to instantly reference notes when their student/s are playing through phrases.

Met/Preset group-There are numerous ways to use this feature. The user can program small sections to an entire piece of music. With a little work and ingenuity, the user can even program accel/ritards. Also, players can set up practice sequences using the count-in feature w/wo voice.

Video- This feature can be helpful for the player or teacher to be able to evaluate physical “stuff” while performing. The target Tuner is part of video screen. You can even use video zoom to get real close “to the action”. I don’t think a lot of people have even discovered this feature.

Hope this helps...and you enjoy using our app.

Philip Geiger
Co-founder TonalEnergy Tuner


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