In the last edition of the IHS Newsletter, there was much talk about Summer Festivals. In this year 2017, the International Horn Symposium will take place in Brazil, a huge tropical country, in a beautiful northeast city called Natal where it is summer all year long ...

In this issue, we will have an interview with Brazilian horn player Radegundis Tavares (professor at the University of Natal and host of the 49th IHS), an article by Frank Lloyd about choosing recital repertoire, an article by Mami Abe (IHS representative in Japan) on the Symposium in Brazil and a pedagogical article by Zabolcs Zempléni.

We will also have an article by Philip Doyle (English horn player based in Brazil for several years) on activities in Brazil, an article by Luiz Garcia (principal horn of the São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra) and Waleska Betrami Tavares (an article on what kind of Experiences we can expect in Brazil).

Do not forget to attend this Symposium, where the theme is "horn and dance" and come to know and appreciate the fantastic music of Brazil and the performance of great international artists.


Marcus Bonna

IHS-Advisory Council

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