beltramiWe are a few months from the 49th IHS Symposium, and this fills me with great expectations. I have participated in other symposia as a contributing artist in Indiana and Alabama, which I was very happy about. This time the feeling is different since my country will host this event, so significant for us horn players. I feel very honored to receive and be part of this moment of reflection, immersion, learning and sharing of knowledge, ideas, news and opinions. For the first time Brazil and South America will have the privilege of enjoying so many artists, teachers, interpreters and exhibitors gathered together. At a time when the whole world is connected by the internet, in my opinion and from my own experience, nothing replaces the experience of listening to your favorite artist in a live recital, learning new tips in a masterclass, and being able to talk and exchange experiences in person with all these musicians and professionals.

It is also important to say that this seems to me to be an excellent time for Brazil to see and be seen. I venture to say that there have never been so many people involved in the horn universe in this country so far. There are many professionals, teachers and instrumentalists working in the art of the horn and / or very relevant research, as well as an expressive and growing number of students throughout the country. Whoever comes to the 49th IHS Symposium will have the opportunity to know and experience some of our Brazilian popular music, in the voice of the horn, through the popular horn contest and also through listening to Brazilian horn repertoire in some recitals of local artists.

Leaving the musical part a bit aside, the city of Natal is privileged to be endowed with a unique natural beauty, beautiful beaches and for that reason, many call it the Brazilian Caribbean. Strolling along the famous Via Costeira, one can appreciate the special color of the ocean on one side and the beauty of the sands of the dunes on the other. Also, it is possible to get to know the local crafts and enjoy fresh coconut water on the edge of Ponta Negra beach and still enjoy a beautiful dish of native fish, shrimp or seafood. At breakfast, do not forget to taste the traditional tapioca! And finally, just a few kilometers from the city, you can venture out on a buggy ride, with excitement, and have a lot of fun on a canopy or skibunda descent!

Welcome, everyone! See you in Natal!

Waleska Beltrami – Horn player of the National Symphony Orchestra of the Fluminense Federal University (UFF), PhD in music by the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO). Featured Artist of the 49º IHS Symposium in Natal – Brazil.

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