bonna largeIt is with great satisfaction that we announce the 2nd publication of IHS E- Newsletter this year.

Coming soon, the 48th International Horn Symposium  will be held in the beautiful city of Ithaca (June 13-18 ) in the State of New York . I'll be there eager to meet as many horn players as possible, and I am sure it will be an event full of new things and unforgettable performances.

I highlight in this issue the interview with the celebrated internationally renowned horn player, Gail Williams, graduate of  Ithaca College, a pedagogical article from Peter Luff and a report with Dan Vidican of Lukas Horns.

I hope you do not miss your chance to register for the Ithaca Symposium and come enjoy the greatest Meeting of horn players of the year 2016 !!!

Until then,

Marcus Bonna
Advisory Council Member
International Horn Society

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