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(revised and approved by IHS Advisory Council, December, 2006)

IHS Area Representatives provide information and resources about the IHS, its activities, and other horn-related events to IHS members and other interested people in their country, state, or region. In some cases, Area Representatives are overseen by Regional Coordinators. In the case where there is no Regional Coordinator, Area Representatives report directly to the Advisory Council.  Area Representatives should be proactive in promoting musical education as it relates to the horn (according to the IHS By-laws). They should aid the IHS by generating enthusiasm and camaraderie among horn players in their countries, states, or regions, with the aim of recruiting new members and retaining existing members. Area Representatives must maintain their IHS membership and be proactive in informing Regional Coordinators or the IHS Executive Director of any address/email changes.


Maintain active communication among IHS members and other interested people in their areas. This can be accomplished in many ways, including publishing (or recruiting volunteers to publish) area newsletters. It is expected that a minimum of one newsletter or general communication be published per year, preferably at least two, by email or regular mail. Send copies of newsletters or other communications to the appropriate Regional Coordinator or the IHS Executive Director.

Submit an annual report to the Regional Coordinator or IHS Executive Director with a summary of activities and expenses, as outlined in this job description, over the past calendar year.  Recommendations to the Advisory Council for any relevant actions for improvement may also be included.  Deadlines regarding these reports will be communicated to Area Representatives by the IHS President, Executive Director, or the appropriate Regional Coordinator. These reports are typically due such that they can be included in the Advisory Council Agenda for meetings at the international horn symposium.

Communications from Regional Coordinators or IHS Executive Director

Once confirmed, Area Representatives should receive:

  • A copy of the IHS Executive Director's explanation of how to submit expense Reports and the expenses that you can expect to have reimbursed.
  • A list of the Area Representatives in the country (US and Canada) or region (Europe or Asia).
  • Information regarding relevant IHS concerns, actions, and events.
  • A copy of the latest IHS Membership Directory, available in PDF or printed format (by request).

Additional Recommended Activities for Area Representatives

Here are some suggestions for Area Representatives that can encourage participation from members:

  • Maintain (or recruit a volunteer to maintain) a website of current events in the area and other useful information, including links to the IHS and other sites of interest.
  • Host, help organize, or support local and regional workshops, horn choirs, holiday performances, and other horn-related events.
  • Involve volunteers and students.
  • Be proactive in recruiting membership in the IHS.
  • Encourage members and others to attend IHS events.
  • Encourage students to participate in the IHS scholarship programs.
  • Share news with The Horn Call News Editor.
  • Request updated membership lists from the Executive Director and follow up with those who have let their membership lapse. While maintaining individual member’s anonymity, provide a summary of any feedback received from lapsed members in the Area Representative’s annual report.

Review of Area Representatives

Regional Coordinators and/or the Advisory Council review Area Representatives' annual reports. If Area Representatives do not meet their responsibilities, the Coordinator or AC can offer suggestions. If problems continue, Area Representatives can be put on notice that they may be asked to step down. If, after being put on notice, the level of effort and activity does not improve, the Coordinator or AC can ask Area Representatives to resign.

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