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Two new publications have ben added to the IHS Online Music Sales.

RAM-O for horn quartet by Lewis Songer

The composer wrties: "RAM-O was written for Leland Bartholemew’s horn club in Asheville, North Carolina. They requested something that would be would be played outdoors and would appeal to a younger crowd, hence the persistent "dum...da-dum...da-dum" rhythm. That is as close to a rock bass drum beat that I dared to get! The range and difficulty level is based on my knowledge of the players. The harmonies were influenced by Domenico Scarlatti’s use of clusters in some of his keyboard sonatas.  However, when assigning a title my mind went to Jean-Phillipe Rameau, hence RAM-O. The commission fee was a bottle of Joseph Drouhin Pinot Noir."

J. Orlando Alves’s Inserções V

The fifth piece of the cycle called "Inserções" was composed in 2010 for horn and piano and was dedicated to the horn player Radegundis Tavares. The main feature of the cycle is the sudden insertion motivic elements, often without preparation or transition, with rapid changes of tempo and character. Another feature is the systematic use of the tritone and semitone intervals in melodic and harmonic construction. Other pieces of this cycle were composed for duos of the flute, clarinet, trombone and trumpet with piano. The piece “Inserções V” is based on the sudden alternation between slow and introspective character and the rapid scherzo tempo.