The intent of honorary membership is to honor living hornists who have made a major contribution at the international level to the art of horn playing. This contribution must be one that will extend beyond the individual's lifetime and should exist in several areas, such as performance, teaching, research, or service to the IHS. Recently deceased hornists whose death occurred between Advisory Council meetings may be considered for honorary membership only at the Advisory Council meeting immediately following their deaths.

A nominating committee will consist of three members (chaired by a current AC member and including two others chosen from past Presidents and Honorary Members), appointed by the IHS President. The committee shall present a minimum of two candidates for this honor every year. Nominations can come from any IHS member (according to the IHS Bylaws). Supporting materials demonstrating why the candidate deserves this honor must be sent to the chair of the nominating committee. Biographies of Honorary Member candidates should be presented to the AC for consideration. No more than four Honorary Members will be elected in a given year by a two-thirds vote of the Advisory Council (according to the IHS Bylaws). Serving members of the Advisory Council are not eligible for nomination to honorary membership.

The IHS Honorary Membership Nominating Committee invites any current IHS member in good standing to nominate deserving living hornists for the IHS's highest honor. Nominations must include:

  • a biography
  • a description of why the nominee is deserving of this honor, based on the qualifications for Honorary Membership.

Send nominations to IHS President Jeffrey Snedeker

To see the complete list of Honorary Members, visit