Greetings, and welcome to Horn Tunes!

The goal of this new column is to provide a library of pieces free for use by and for members of the International Horn Society. I am Anna Leverenz, the first editor of this new column. I am a Sergeant in the US Army, currently stationed in Germany with the US Army Europe Band. I earned my DMA from the University of Cincinnati in 2011, and have been performing with the Army since 2010.

The intention of HornTunes is to collect short, light pieces that can be enjoyed by students, casual players, and professionals. Submissions for solo horn, horn with accompaniment, and chamber music are all welcome. I want to use this opportunity to encourage original compositions and arrangements of public domain works. Consider submitting music with flexible instrumentation, arrangements or new compositions that are appropriate for worship settings, or chamber music to be enjoyed by friends.

Unlike the IHS Online Music Library, submissions to HornTunes will be considered donations to the IHS and will be made available free of charge to members. The composers or arrangers will retain rights to their works. Arrangements of works that are not in the public domain will be considered, but the arranger must obtain the appropriate permissions.

Please send submissions in PDF format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line “Horn Tunes.” 

Anna Leverenz
HornTunes Coordinator

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