Douglas Hill – Jazz Mix for Two, Set 2


Jazz-Mix for 2, Set 2 is a light-hearted group of duets for horns that explore various jazz stylings not typically enjoyed by horn players. The arrangements of these original melodies are written with both parts sharing the tunes and harmonies equally.

Each duet deals with specific performance traditions.

Cha Cha Cha is a Cha Cha. It is also the first melody this composer can actually remember having created back in junior high school. The performance should be quite playful with even eighth notes, crisp staccatos, and a strong Latin dance-like feeling throughout.

Echo Horn Blues makes full use of an extended technique that distinguishes horns from all other instruments; the ability to bend the pitch with the right hand in the bell. Often called “echo horn”, the motion of covering with the hand should lower the pitch only a half-step. The effect is like the “do- wah” common to harmon mutes from trumpets and trombones. Enjoy!

Distant Dawn is a simple, lovely ballad which emphasizes the vibrant warmth of two horns singing together, sharing thoughtful, legato melodic lines and luscious sustained harmonies.

Faulty Waltz is a somewhat typical jazz waltz, notated in a compound meter to advocate for a swing feel. The cool quality and sassy use of dissonances weave through this duet. A few glissandi, aggressive articulations, and twos-over-threes, and fours-over-nines add to the fun.

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