Name: Seann Trull
City: Brookline
State: MA
Country: USA
Alloy: Yellow Brass
Bell: Detachable
Lacquer: yes
Case: Bags of Spain Flight Case
Condition: As New
Other Details: Brand new compensating double imported from East Germany, made by Bernard Schmidt (

Have you been unhappy with the compromise of a double horn? Have you been looking for a horn that has the reliability of a Bb but also has an F side that feels more like a single F horn? This horn might be for you.

The horn is a replica of a Wendler Kruspe compensating double horn, in Bb/A and F with a stopping valve usable by pressing the second thumb valve.

One customization to this horn is that I begged Mr. Schmidt to add engravings to the valve caps (he never does this on any other horn). Adds a beautiful and artistic touch.

-100% lacquer
-detachable bell
-quiet new string linkage
-kruspe wendler copy
-extremely in tune
-buttery bright sound
-comes with Bags of Spain Flight Case


Kruspe Compensating DoubleKruspe Compensating Double

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