Name: Robert Waterbury
City: Arlington,
State: TX
Country: USA,
Serial Number: 639917
Bore: Large
Alloy: Nickel Silver
Bell: Detachable
Lacquer: 100%
Case: original fixed bell
Condition: Excellent
Other Details: Professional Holton Farkas 179/279 has been refurbished with loving expertise. The refurbishing included total chem-clean, valves cleaned and adjusted, levers restrung, and any minor blemishes corrected and re-lacquered. It also included cutting the bell and re-mounting with screw-bell threads for greater ease of transport. And it includes a water release valve on the lead pipe The horn speaks well from pedal C to high C (and beyond). Valves are quick and quiet, enabling smooth slurs and crisp staccatos even in fast passages. It offers professional performance at a very attractive price. Try it -- you'll like it

Extras: The horn comes with a used standard solid bell case offering basic protection. Alternatively, an almost new Holton suitcase style detachable bell case can be furnished as a replacement for $200 extra. A nearly new Blessing 11 mouthpiece can also be provided at no cost.
Extras: pictures to be provided.


Telephone: 915-433-9104

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